Thursday, 20 September 2007

Weaving away

I wasn't sure what I was going to do after finishing the ATCs but last night I read an article from Workshop on the Web by Sherrill Kahn and was immediately inspired to start my journal page for September. (That's the Bead Journal Project page that I'm supposed to be doing to shadow the official group). I decided not to use paper (entirely) but to use fabric, hand made paper, scrim, sequin waste and anything else I thought I could sew through.

The warp cloth is kunin felt which I intend to zap later to reveal the backing material underneath. I have bonded the piece onto some cotton curtain material but it's too dark to photograph now. Before I zap it I will be stitching onto the surface - as usual I don't have any particular plan for this - various ideas are floating round my brain. Knowing me I will just pick a thread colour and start and then make it up as I go along! Since it's supposed to be for the Bead Journal I will eventually add some beading but for the moment I just want something to stitch.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as my friend Ann and I are popping up to Newark to a new (to this venue) Art and Craft Fair (more spending)! You can find information about it here. There should be about 90 exhibitors including some stands selling fibres and yarns so we're hoping for a reasonable day out. DH has been instructed to draw some money from the cash machine while he's at work! I'll report back with any goodies. :)

I got the result of my blood test today and, joy of joys, I've got to take iron tablets! Great! At least iron deficiency explains why I have been struggling so badly. My GP thinks that it has crept up on me since I stopped eating all the things that contain iron as they mostly also contain fibre or are harder to digest. We all know what iron tablets can do to your gut so I am going to have a jolly time trying to balance the effects of the ferrous sulphate against keeping my gut happy. Happy days! (I should say I am really grateful that there is a reason for my feeling so rough and it can be sorted fairly easily).


Gina said...

Looking forward to seeing the weaving progress Julie. The colours are lovely - very vibrant! Good luck with the iron tablets... poor you!

Susan D said...

Can't wait to see how you piece turns out. Hope you feel the benefits of the iron tablets soon.

Purple Missus said...

Iron tablets, company of good friend, retail therapy - if that doesn't make you feel better then goodness knows what will *LOL*
I like your weaving piece. Those pieces look scrummy together and I love the way you are so laid back about it, making it up as you go along. Its going to look wonderful.

zinkibaru said...

Wow you've been busy since I was last here! I love your weaving, what does "zapping" it involve?

Good luck with the iron tablets, anaemia does make you feel dreadful so hopefully the iron will give you some more energy.

Judy Scott said...

Oh I love how this is already, gorgeous colours, I do hope your tummy has settled, I understand, had to take them when I was expecting my twins!! Judy x