Friday, 30 January 2009

This and the two photos below show some of the details of this amazing sculpture.


You should be able to click on the photos above and below and read the words.


And finally, some rather more natural sculpture seen in Stamford today.

I am now exhausted so I'm off for some dinner! Oh, before I forget, we have heating! Yay!
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Heather said...

Wonderful photos of such a lovely and very picturesque town. The modern sculpture is very striking. Glad you've got the heating back especially in view of more cold weather on it's way. Keep cosy.

Genie said...

Glad your feeling warmer,
love the photos

margaret said...

Stamford holds some good memories for me, from visits over the years. The new sculpture is lovely, and how good that local schoolchildren were involved in it.

Julie said...

Thank you all for your comments and I'm glad I brought back some happy memories with my tour. :)

Robin Mac said...

Love the photos, Julie. Stamford was one of the places we visited on our last trip to the UK so it brought back lovely memories. So glad you have heating back, the cold sounds dreadful to me. We are lucky enough to be in the north of Australia and not enduring the appalling heatwave conditions - up to 45 degrees celcius - in Victoria and South Australia. We are just getting lots of rain, much better.