Tuesday, 27 January 2009


We're back with the saga of waiting in for heating engineers who don't turn up so we're still without central heating tonight. They are now promising to come tomorrow. We shall see!
Anyway, while I was waiting in for non-existent workmen I thought I would have another go at the fabric 'baskets'. Some time ago I was given some v - e - r - y wide legged jeans through the recycling group Freecycle and they have been waiting for me to find some inspiration or cut them up for crazy patchwork.
When I got the jeans out I was pleased to find they had a big pocket on the leg so I decided to incorporate that into the basket. This is the result~
I've lined the jeans with the same vilene-type stiffener I lined a bookwrap with a while ago but this time I was too impatient to paint it. Instead of making a full decorative lining I have just trimmed the inside top edge with a ribbon.
I've cut a piece of mountboard to fit in the bottom to make it stand up and its now the perfect home for my current magazines and my workbook. I've still got the other jeans leg to use and I'm thinking of making that into a sewing/project bag so that I can take advantage of the side pocket. I can see all sorts of uses for these baskets and they look much better than tumbling piles of papers! I've also learned to take the toolbox off my machine so that you can sew freely around a tube shape. Thank you again Moogsmum!! :o) Ooooh! I nearly forgot! The brooch was a present from my very good friend which she made herself.
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Angela said...

Some nice recycling going on there. Brilliant idea.

Genie said...

very creative Julie

The WestCountryBuddha said...

It's a lovely bag - and a very useful pocket; how convenient!

Mrs Mac said...

OOOO this looks very yummy!!!

During my clear-out, I re-found a big picnic basket. I'm now using it to contain some craft materials. It has a fabric lid. It means I can have some 'in use' crafty stuff in the living room without untidy piles and it looks great.

We're the same as you with the heating. 3 men in and out of here so far and still only one radiator working. Another one due this week some time...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package!!!!!! It arrived Saturday- sorry- first time online. K is out at footie tonight so I can catch up on my blogs!!!!

It was a wonderful selection of papers and stuff. I'll blog about it soon. Or rather, Dilly probably will!

THANKS again!!!! It really gave me a lift :)

Gina said...

What an inspired idea to incorporate the pocket of the jeans. I hope your heating gets sorted out soon.

Kate North said...

Love the bag - what a nice idea. Good luck with the heating - been there, done that (though I admit, we didn't have problems with them not showing, which was lucky)

Sara lechner said...

I love this!

Dot said...

Love this bag Julie! What a great idea - it looks very sturdy too.

Hope your heating gets fixed soon. We are having a heat wave over here and I have the air conditioning on (for two hot kitties who are laying around on the floor looking a bit pathetic lol).

Much love

Dot xx

Maggi said...

Love the baskets, they look so useful as well as being very decorative. Sorry to have taken a long time to reply to your comment on the CG 2009 Journal Quilts on my blog. A bit of mutual spurring on sounds like a good idea. There don't seem to be many members in the East Mids. Feel free to drop me an email.

Mrs Mac said...

Hope your heating guys turned up!!!

Hey, I finished the lighthouse card! Two blog posts in two days, now I have to go and lie down!

Heather said...

These baskets are such a good idea. So practical but very attractive too. What a great use for clothes we no longer wear - if I don't lose a bit of weight this Spring I could be making dozens!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey, all our upstairs raydiators just spontayneussly startid werkin! WOW! Now if the wun in the hall, the shower-room and Mummy's craft room wud com on... Dilly is claynin credit. She sed she gayve eech wun a hard stare.

Hope yu get yors sortid!

Mrs Moog said...

Ooh I love your denim basket - great way of reusing those jeans!

Beware...these little fabric baskets are addictive....