Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Little More Craftiness

I wasn't going to blog this today but I thought I might ask your opinion. Today I have added leaf prints using a combination of warmer colours and you can see two sections below. I have used Lumiere paints which are sparkly but the photo doesn't show this up too well.
My thought now, at the risk of overdoing the printing thing, is to add some highlights by (partially) overprinting with the feather again using the copper colour mixed with a little yellow. It may not be necessary to do this to every blue feather. Also the new feather prints will be a bit more ragged than the original as the feather is getting a bit dishevelled. I'm going to make a viewfinder to isolate each quarter as that should help me decide how much more each piece needs. I only have till the weekend to finish this and I fancy doing a little handsewing on it too. So, do you think I will overdo it with more feather printing? This printing and stamping is addicitive!
These two shots below are of my practice pieces which I've been trying things out on. The circular design is from an old fashioned plastic cake doily. Remember those? I used it as a stencil to sponge paint through.

My DH and I have been coughing our heads off all night. No, I don't think we've got colds. We've had a new settee and chair delivered today and they stink!!! I think it's just the newness of the upholstery or maybe the Scotchguard protection we've had put on. Whatever it is, I hope it soon wears off. If it wasn't so cold I'd have the doors and windows open to air it off! Poo! Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough! You can tell we're getting old too. It's a sit up and beg suite instead of a squashy one. I'm hoping it will stop my joints aching so much. First I have to stop coughing!!! Grrrr!
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Ruth said...

Perhaps since you are thinking of doing some hand stitching anyway, you could highlight the feathers with the stitch instead of more printing. I think you are at a real risk of overdoing it at this point. It is lovely by the way!

Helen Suzanne said...

aye I think Ruth is right. I'd stitch the highlights in copper and leave the printing. :D

Jacquelines blog said...

I agree with both!

T said...

I love your leaf and feather prints Julie. I think that we need to be careful not to over work a peice. I would be tempted to leave it just as it is.

Your painting thru the doylie is very clever and creative too.


gilby said...

Hi Julie,
Leave well alone the piece needs nothing more.

Genie said...

Hi Julie,
agree with the others it is lovely.
hope you stop coughing soon,
have a cough free weekend

Gina said...

My opinion for what it's worth is to stop with the printing - it's looking fabulous as it is. I like the doily prints.
Hope you both stop coughing soon.

Chyadesign said...

They are all looking good.

Into the Blystic said...

beautiful as it is to me! but the stitching does sound like and interesting idea too! namaste Elis

Heather said...

I love your printed pieces and think they are fine as they are. Just a bit of stitching here and there maybe. Hope the furniture has stopped making you cough - our sofa is too low for us and I have just recycled our old dining chair loose cushion pads by putting them in a row under the sofa cushions. They just fit in nicely, can't be seen and give it a little more height.

Guzzisue said...

no more printing needed, just stitch. in other words I agree with everone else :-)

Julie said...

Heather, thank you, I've just done a little stitching and left th eprinting alone, altho it was fun!

I have been coughing since Wednesday but the smell is subsiding. My dear DH sat with the doors open yesterday and the heating off while I snuggled in bed out of the way of the smell! Just waiting to see if the cough goes with the stink or whether I now have a cold :-(

Dot said...

I think it is beautiful as it is Julie. Hope the coghing is easing too!

Moogsmum said...

I love your printing just as it is Julie - it's beautiful!

I do hope the coughing stops soon - sounds horribe :(


Anonymous said...

The have a lovely depth of texture - and I like them

silverpebble said...

Love those printed/stencilled textures Julie - lovely colours. I've been lurking but not commenting much - so so busy! Hope all is well with you. What I wouldn't give to be able to make some felt with your lovely yarns or make a load of jewellery! Still, maybe in the New Year...