Thursday, 6 November 2008

Last but not least

You may be able to see the ghost of buttons that were used for this piece.

This last piece had previously been monoprinted and unfortunately the dye didn't penetrate the central area. I like the effects around the edge which had not been dyed previously. I shall have to think about whether I will do anymore to this cloth. I am thinking that maybe I could dip dye the centre, maybe with a purple.

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Jackie said...

Those are all amazing. Makes me want to have a go. I do a more basic version with brusho inks and teabag paper.

T said...

Hi Julie, I came here from Helen's blog, attracted by your wonderful bookmarks. Then I really enjoyed reading about your dyeing. What beautiful patterns you are getting. I am just getting into some eco-dyeing and am finding it very addictive. Might look in again soon and see what all those tied up parcels turned out like. Thanks for sharing your dyeing. xt