Monday, 11 August 2008

Scrappy Crow winner!

Sorry for keeping you waiting a day but I've been a bit busy with the "mile a minute" blocks project. I think I may be hooked! I've never done so much sewing in a space of 24 hours!
Anyway, enough of that. In true blogging fashion I accosted a third party for my Scrappy Crow draw. There were 19 entrants! Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. I think you're all very brave to keep coming back for more of my bimbling and burbling :o) but I do appreciate every visit and every word you leave.

All the names were written onto paper slips and put into the box.

The disinterested third party otherwise known as my poorly sick DH put his hand in the box,

a name was drawn out and it was

Yay! Kate!! Congratulations Kate! I have your address so I'll be popping Mr Scrappy Crow into the post asap.
Now I feel really bad because I couldn't give everyone a scrappy crow. They are really easy to make tho'. Just cut out 2 vaguely bird shapes. Decorate with scraps of fabric, felt, yarns, ribbons, beads, buttons, anything to make them fun. Stitch the 2 halves together, either by machine or by hand and add a little stuffing before you finish the stitching. The yarns for the head feathers can be caught by the stitching as you join the 2 halves together. I also trapped a ribbon to hang Mr Scrappy with. Go to town! Have fun!
I've been working on my bag today and have been making a few more "mile a minute" blocks with step by step photos so I'll try and get that posted tomorrow or Wednesday. Probably Wednesday cos I'm going to see Mamma Mia tomorrow!! At Last! I must be the only person who hasn't seen it yet! Yay!!!!!!!!

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PS My poor DH has been sick for nearly 2 weeks. You won't want to know the details but suffice to say something unsavoury has been sent to the hospital path lab today to see if he has food poisoning or what. We're on a very boring diet of chicken or fish and boiled rice at the minute, even worse than my normal boring diet. :(


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Congratulations to Kate - hope Mr Scrappy crow settles in well!

Also really hope DH gets better soon! Lucy x

artisbliss said...

Congrats to Kate, I know she'll love it!

I hope you can get a fix on what's wrong with poor hubby's tum soon.

katelnorth said...


Mr Scrappy Crow is going to be a very happy birdie - I've got a nice collection of friends for him already.

My condolences to your poor DH - hope he gets it all worked out soon - being sick is no fun at all. :(

sharon young said...

Lucky Kate, scrappy crow is really cute!!
All the best to your DH, sorry to hear he's been poorly, hope he feels better soon.

silverpebble said...

Sorry to hear about poor DH - that can't be fun. Fingers crossed he gets better very soon.

Congratulations Kate on winning Mr scrappy crow- what a smart fellow he is!

Lesley said...

Congratulations to Kate!!

I do hope your DH is feeling better very soon. It certainly doesn't sound like fun for either of you :(


Genie said...

Congrats to kate
Hope your DH is better soon,
My daughter is finally on the mend.
Have a good week.

Gina said...

Congratulation to Kate. Mr Scrappy Crow is fabulous - fancy me going away to Tuscany and missing a chance to win him!
Really hope DH gets better soon - love and best wishes being sent his way.

freebird said...

Lucky Kate! I guess I'll have to try my own. Your directions were much more succinct than in the magazine! Lol.

DILLY said...

Luvly wagon-berd!