Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Finally, you use your square-thingy and a rotary cutter to square the block up and cut it to size, in this case 4.5 inches.

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Your block will not necessarily ever look like mine as you build the sides up as you wish and not in any particular order. Mine does have a bit of a pattern to it but that is unintentional. Once you've made the number of blocks you need you can make anything you wish. This is also a great way to use up all those odd scraps of fabric you've been hoarding. You can also cut up plenty of strips in advance and then have a good blast at making up blocks.
I've got a feeling that is all as clear as mud but I am a beginner so you'll have to excuse me! As long as you follow the principal that anything goes you can just have fun!
I've almost finished my bag so I'll hopefully show you tomorrow! Yay!


Sequana said...

That "square thingy" is called a ruler. *S*

No matter what it's called tho, you really have the right idea for the mile a minutes.

Good job.

Gina said...

I would never have known how to do that!

artisbliss said...

How cool, and again I love this color palette!

freebird said...

You were very clear with your instructions. I made a quilt from instructions in Threads magazine years ago that were sort of like this but wouldn't go near as quickly since you made one block at a time using a pentagon for the center patch and sewing round and round till it was big enough. You can see it here if you'd like. It ends up spiraling around. I like this idea much better. I did use that old quilt as a bedspread for over 10 years till it literally fell apart. I think this might be the ticket for another. Thanks.

sharon young said...

Thank you so much for this , Julie, and for taking the time to do the photos, I find it soooo.... difficult to digest written or aural instructions, strictly visual for me!
I'm definitely going to buy one of those square thingies, now I know how they work, they always looked so confusing before, all those lines!
Ps thanks for a great laugh on Helen's blog last night, I so agree with your comment:-) You mad my evening.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Brilliant - thank you so much for this tutorial - I have seen it done before but didn't quite understand! I think I've got it now thanks to you!