Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Take a Stitch Tuesday

Oops! Nearly forgot! I'm behind in the Take a Stitch Tuesday stitchalong at StitchinFingers but I have now completed the Week 3 stitch which was Detached Chain.

I have to admit I picked up a few ideas from people who have already done this stitch but I really enjoyed doing it, it is so versatile! I'm not so sure I like my base fabric though, I may have to rethink what I'm working on. Ever onward, next is cretan stitch which I have done before (a whole 2" of stitching!) and I have a few ideas for experimenting with it. Watch this space!
Please excuse any vagaries in the layout today, blogger seems to be having a funk!


Gina said...

I always love the idea of taking a stitch each week but know I would fall hopelessly behind!
Like your detatched chain.
Gina x

sharon young said...

Like your use of the stitch here, especially the little flowers, and I've just notice the second row down, I like these ,very useable.
May I put this one in my inspirational file please, or did you invent it?