Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Of presents and dwagons

I had to nip on here quickly (I'm supposed to be practising FME today) to show you what the postman brought me this afternoon.

My friend Dilly St George sent me a parcel and as she is a princessy croco-dwagon she decorated it with princessy stickers! I knew Dilly was sending me a present because she blogged about it here but I didn't go and look because I wanted a surprise.
When I opened the envelope this is what I found,

A lovely sparkly box and a very pretty, sparkly pink card - well it has to be pink from a princess, doesn't it? The box is decorated with skeleton leaves and glitter but it was hard to get a good picture in the bright sunshine today.
Inside the box, wrapped in a tissue which I think maybe Bob T Bear had isshooed was this lovely soft, pink, pwincessy brooch,

It is absolutely lovely, Dilly, thank you very much and thank you too to Mummy for helping you make it. If you'd like to see how Dilly made the brooch please do have a look here. Dilly's mummy had a great idea to get the shape!

Inside the card Dilly had written me a special note. I'm glad to be your friend, Dilly, you are a very special 'wagon :o). Oh, and, I love your self portrait Dilly, it's great!!
On the subject of dwagons, we did see one or two on our travels thro Austria.

These chaps were waiting to be adopted and taken to their new homes (some of them were only babies and were having a little nap!).

If you look very carefully at this photo of a beautiful Austrian house you can see one of Dilly's friends peeking in at the bottom.

I think this beautiful rusty sculpture is just pretending to be a dwagon. (Oh, It's got a bit stretched, oops!)

And, unfortunately, these dwagons are being a bit rude as they are spitting water everywhere in a fountain in Innsbruck!

Oops! This is a better pic, the previous one was blurred. Well I was in a moving carriage at the time!

Well, I had better get back to my sewing. See you all later and thank you again, Dilly for my lovely present. I am going to wear it when I go to the Festival of Quilts next month.


Dilly said...

Awww! Dilly like Julie uther fotoes ov wagons!
FNAR! Innsbruk wagons be spittin warter! Fnarr! Mayke Dilly LARF!

Sorry tayke long long time to SEND pressie. Mummy keep fgettin get skwoshy envlope. Dilly be happy Julie like!!!!

Dilly luv Julie, Julie be fwend ov wagons.



sharon young said...

HI Julie
You lucky thing, your brooch is beautiful, but you didn't mention the lovely piece of work underneath it, was it yours or Dilly's?
You reminded me of our visit to Innsbruck back in the 70's when the children were small, it's a lovely place.
Your photos are lovely, put a smile on my face, which was good as I have to work all day today.
Thanks for your comments on my post, hopefully I'll get to post the follow up tomorrow.

Genie said...

Lucky girl, Dilly's brooch is lovely.