Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Heckington Show and shapes

I've had some reassurance from my brother (thank you bro!) that I can safely use my computer so we're back in business! (I will probably be upgrading the memory anyway as D doesn't think there is enough. He's probably right as I have over 5500 photos on my laptop!). I seem to have so much to catch up on so I'll start with the Heckington Show.
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Heckington is home to the only working 8 sailed Dutch style windmill in Western Europe and it makes an imposing sight as you enter the village. The Show takes place in a collection of fields on the outskirts of the village and is a massive and varied event with a dog show, vintage vehicles, a 10km race, cycle races, camel racing(!), historical re-enactment, folk musicians, dancing, horticultural competitions, fairground, merchandising, evening concert, fireworks........ the list is endless. The highlight of the Show on Saturday was a free-fall display by the Red Devils Parachute Display team.

All eyes were turned to the skies as the plane carrying the parachutists climbed to over 10000 feet.

The first man down.

The smoke is coming from a flare to guide the skydivers in.

These 3 men linked up in the sky before separating to land.

While I was at the Show I took the opportunity to look out for shapes around me for the design journalling course. Look what I found:

Parachute lines

More lines, on a seat this time,

And yet more,


and a lovely diamond on a tractor. There are more but I'll save them till I've got enough to make a collage.
OK. I think that's enough for one post so I'll tell you about my trip to the Luttrell Psalter next time.


sharon young said...

Hi Julie
What a great show! Wonder if it was the same RD team that did Bently fete. You did brilliantly on your textile pics, I never thought about when I went to the fete, too busy looking at the RD eye candy LOL
Thanks very much for your comment on my CG PC, it was a bit of a risk!!!

Lesley said...

Fabulous photos Julie! The show looks great and so colourful. I love the detail that you see :)