Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A bit more catching up

Some time ago Annabel, who used to blog as The Wittering Rainbow, was going to send me a piece of work she had done on the theme of snowdrops. Unfortunately for me but happily for Annabel, the snowdrops are still doing the rounds of various exhibitions. By way of recompense, which wasn't necessary at all, Annabel has very kindly sent me a beautiful bookmark which she had also made. The colour is beautiful, you may have noticed that I like gold, and I will enjoy using it to mark my place. I think Annabel had dyed the fabric herself and I think she has used Angelina in the squares. Lovely!

The card is laying on a flyer for Ineke Berlyn whose work I also admire and whose book "Landscape in Contemporary quilt" is in my collection.

I finally got another colour set made, this time in my favourite blue colour. Again I used painted and collaged papers I had made previously, photographs, carrier bag and waxed paper that had had metal washers painted on it.
Last, but not least, the first 2 pages of my (so called) Soul Journal (as devised by Sarah Whitmire) which I completed on Sunday. The instruction was to cover the first three pages with any printed page(s) and to circle any words that stood out. Next, start with the words "Today I feel...." and write for 5 minutes to fill the pages. The pages were then painted over with gesso as thickly or thinly as you wish so that the writing is fully or partially covered.

It took a long time to stencil the legend on as I had to keep waiting for the paint to dry before continuing. I used a couple of stamps and painted a very light watercolour wash over the stencilled words.
The instruction was to repeatedly write your full name all over the page but I preferred to just use my first name because that is who I am. I had painted a light wash of payne's grey over the gesso and then used gel pens for the artwork. I've decided to try and be positive in this journal and as I was listening to Take That's "Shine" while I was working some of the words crept in! That should help with positive thinking! God knows what the neighbours thought, I was singing away with the headphones on! Well......it sounded allright to me!! VBG
BTW If you follow the link to Sarah's blog you will see that I am a long way behind in this journal. I shall be doing it when I have time because I am already committed to the journalling course but it was a lot of fun!! :o)


sharon young said...

Great start on your journal pages, Julie, I love the ideas you've recorded of how you did them. The 5 minute writing sounds like stream of consciousness writing, very therapeutic if you have decisions to make.
A very good friend has just lent me the IB book , it's fabulous, it'll definitely be on the book list for the FOQ visit.

Gina said...

It looks like you've made a good start Julie. I love the bookmark you've been sent - fabulous colours.

Anonymous said...

Ooooer, fame at last!!! You're very very welcome Julie, and I'm glad you liked the bookmark - my fave colours of all time I think. I shall send you instructions for the making if you're interested, just email or squeak on Facebook. If the snowdrops ever materialize, I shall send them on as well. lol the ex-wittering rainbow aka Annabel x

silverpebble said...

That's a lovely bookmark adn the journalling sounds rather cathartic as well as being fun and creative. That blue colour set is stunning - I love these collages!

KathrynAntyr said...

Welcome dear *soul sister* to the journey and the Yahoo group!

Enjoy your holiday. I look forward to following your pages. Please know that you are welcome to take the time you need to go through the process.

collage diva