Saturday, 21 June 2008

Parties, Atcs and trollies

It's a bit quiet chez nous this morning! Last night was DH's party and we're feeling our age this morning. We had a great night and had a respectable number of guests to make the party swing. We even got to meet some friends from DH's blogland, so thank you to Gail'sman, Gail and Zakscloset for coming across from Nottingham to join us (and for the gorgeous chocolate cake!). My DH had a whale of a time and was slightly(?) giggly/tipsy by the end of the evening. He's very funny when he's had a few, very good natured, repetitive and giggly.
Today we're off to a wedding near Newark just north of here and my Mum has taken herself off toLincoln to enjoy the shops in the rain.
I've really just popped in to show you the ATCs I've received in the herringbone swap I mentioned on Thursday. They are all lovely and make my effort look very feeble.
My photo doesn't do this card justice. The background fabric has been painted in beautiful turquoisy metallic paint and it shines beautifully. Thank you Liz!
Pat has used metallic threads for this gorgeous purple celebration and included painted washers.
This lovely card using a variety of weights of thread has been made by Susan.
Thank you, girls!
And finally:
Oh my god! I've joined the ranks of the trolley dollies! lol! With rising prices and a thickening waistline (more of that in a minute) I decided I had to invest in a shopper and walk to town a bit more often. You'll be able to see me coming, won't you? I know I shall feel self-conscious the first few times I use it, and I'll probably wrap it round a few ankles and lampposts, but I will have to get used to it.
And definitely finally, I have been putting on weight! Now, that may not sound much to most of you but I am a skinny thing and have struggled my way up over the years from 6st 12lbs in my teens to 7st 12lbs in my 40's. When I got my summer clothes out recently I found the trousers and shorts and skirts no longer fitted! Shock, horror! It was only when I got on some scales that I found I have gone up to 8 and a half stone!!!!!! Flippin Eck! How did that happen? (Ssh, don't tell her, it's that 'm' word that gives you pause) It's unheard of for me and I hadn't even been trying to put on weight. I feel as though I've finally arrived in the world of real women and I've got some meat on me! Yay! (Also it's a good excuse for some new clothes!)


imac said...

Aye, waz a gud nite too, oh my back an legs.

Many thanks my darling for all the

An I love you with a little weight on

Susan D said...

So I've been a Trolley Dollie for a few years and I never knew it. You'll wonder how you managed without one after a while it saves having to pulling your shoulders out of the sockets with carrying heavy bags.

Belated Happy Birthday to your other half.

Lesley said...

I bought a trolley last year - bright blue and pink with HUGE flowers on. She's called Dolly.
She's languished unused for a few months (didn't have time to walk with all my blogging and sewing!)but is now back in service as the perfect aid to take all my work stuff into schools.

I know it's all relative but I can only dream of being 8 1/2 stone!!


DeeMom said...

Glad the Party was a SUPER EVENT...

Your Pink HOLD EVERYTHING is neat


Aussie Jo said...

I think you'll cut a very trendy figure towing that trolley, would come in handy lugging stuff off to workshops too. Congratulations on putting on weight, my mum struggles to keep at 6 stone so I know what it can be like. Me, I take after my dad, muscles galore. Love those ATC's, is that a swap on stitchin fingers? Might get 8 year old daughter to try herringbone next!

Stephanie Pettengell said...

I hope your Red trolley dolly will be a great help to you, I have added a few pounds in the last few years and they are the hardest I have had to get rid of. I too joined Ning late but don't know if I will catch up even with the week off.

artisbliss said...

I was going to say sounds like a great opportunity for clothes shopping, but you've already figured that out. Not surprised!

Helen Suzanne said...

lol Julie, snap!! I know exactly what you mean as I'm the same - never put weight on and there was nothing but skin and bones to get hold of. Now this last 6 months I've put a stone on and have a middle to prove it!
I love the shopper - definitely not for someone stayed and elderly ;))