Thursday, 19 June 2008

Dotees, bits and bobs

This has been a very busy week for me as I have my Mum staying in preparation for my DH's birthday bash tomorrow night. As a result I have been totally un-creative, apart from a short sewing workshop on Tuesday for which I have nothing to show.

Emma was asking about Dotee dolls so I thought I'd put a few up here to give you an idea of what they look like, if you aren't familiar with them. The originator of the pattern was the lovely Dot in Australia. You can make them any shape you wish, they don't have to be the same as mine. If you Google Dotee for images or search Flickr for them you will get lots of ideas. Spread a little Dotee love around the world!




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As you will see from my sidebar I have recently joined StitchinFingers Ning. One of the groups within StitchinFingers has been set up so that we can all participate in a re-run of Sharon Boggon's TAST, or Take a Stitch Tuesday. The idea is to learn or revisit an embroidery stitch each week. I missed the first week but, by coincidence I had been working on herringbone stitch for a swap.
This is one of three ATCs I made for a swap at MixedMediaATCs_UK - a bit ragged but mine own! ( You may recognise the fabric as Kate's). I will have to revisit this stitch to explore its possibilities.
Week 2 was Buttonhole or blanket stitch which I really enjoy doing (one of the few stitches I know already). I cribbed a few ideas from other people in the group, for which thank you.
The third stitch is detached chain stitch but I have not started this yet. Thank goodness every fourth week is a catch up week.....I'm going to need it!
This final ATC is for the June Lottery at MixedMediaATCS_UK on the subject of.............? Wimbledon!! (Excuse the little damage which happened in the making). The dashing little figure is Great Uncle Bulgaria who is, of course, a Womble!
I probably won't get chance to blog again before next week so I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have got a party, a wedding, a concert (open air and rain is forecast, no I mean really, heavy, rain!) and friends round for a chinese meal not to mention shopping and seeing Mum off back home so my feet are not going to touch the floor from tomorrow morning until Monday! Wish me luck!


Dilly said...

GOSH!! Julie goin be vewy vewy bizzy! But hope hav fun! Speshly party! Tayke brolly for concert an big blak bags. Mummy sez, can be fun if sit in big blak bags. FNARRR! Mummy wunce went consert at Leeds Carsol an it rayne rayne rayne! But wear blak bag an SIT on blak bag an hold brolly. FNARR!

Dilly like dottee dolls!
Dilly mite try mayke!
DIlly hav ferst go wiv felt makin today! Yews Julie's pink wool for flowers!

Bye Julie!
Hav nice time!!!

(Dilly like Chineez food. Be wagonny.)


silverpebble said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the dotee doll tutorial - they're all very lovely. That little aqua coloured one is especially fab, but then I'm addicted to that colour - I realise that it features in far too many places in my house and wardrobe!

Can you answer another craft bloggy question? What is an ATC? Is it a kind of swap or giveaway? Looks as though you're busy with several at the moment.

By the way...tiny pebble seems very settled at the moment (long may it continue) and during one of her naps yesterday I managed to make a little something for you! Post to come....

Thanks as ever for your magic comment.

Gina said...

Lots of lovely dotee dolls there Julie. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend of celebrations.
Gina x

Dot said...

Your Dotee dolls are gorgeous Julie (thanks for mentioning my blog too). I adore the one you sent me and will always treasure her.

I have joined stitchin fingers too!