Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Lovely Post!

I have been haunting my letterbox all week and Yay! The postman brought my parcel today! As you know I have been involved in a swap with Susan at Artisbliss. She has sent me this lovely postcard which she has entitled 'Juliet's Garden'. If you click on the link you can read about susan's process. The photograph doesn't show off the lovely golden touches to this card. The flowers at top right are silk flowers. Oops! I haven't photographed the back of the card which is lovely with a golden butterfly embossed onto a stamped background. You can read about it on Susan's blog here.

Enclosed with the card were lots of lovely extras. I really like the variegated organza ribbon and the dragonflies which reflect all sorts of colours.
Thank you for a lovely swap Susan :o)


Genie said...

Hi Julie, Susan's postcard to you looks lovely. my goodies also from Susan arrived yesterday as well.
Have a good time at the festival.

sharon young said...

This is a beautiful PC, Julie and thanks for sharing the link to Susan's post too, very interesting.

DeeMom said...


artisbliss said...

I'm so glad you like it, Julie!