Thursday, 12 June 2008

Catching up 3-Alnwick Garden

As promised I have some photos to show you of Alnwick Garden which is adjacent to Alnwick Castle but not part of it. We had the most amazing day in this wonderful garden. The garden has been designed particularly to appeal to children but there is so much more to this fascinating place.
When you enter the garden you are greeted by an expansive view of the Cascade (which my photo does no justice to unfortunately). The cascade springs into life twice an hour with a varied display of fountains and jets of water and the unwary stand to get a soaking!

You can see from the toy trucks that children are encouraged to play with the water at the bottom of the cascade



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This hornbeam tunnel runs the full length of both sides of the cascade.


A series of jets of water catch the unwary and children who love playing 'dare'.

When the main cascade has finished this curtain of water strikes up.
On the right hand side of the cascade is a serpentine garden of water features which explore the interactions of water and metal and explore some elements of physics. Each feature is described in a mirror finished plaque which are all the more interesting for their reflections.


This curtain of water falls beneath the Coanda feature above.


The photo above and those following are of the fascinating vortex which I could have watched all day! The patterns in the water were amazing, especially with the added bonus of the sky's reflection. The basin slowly empties through the middle and then refills through the jets either side.


Do enlarge these images to see all the patterns and movement.




Just one more......
The sun provided a very delicate rainbow and just out of range are two children who were running in and out of the curtains of water having a fantastic time despite shivering!


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Love the photo's Julie, especially the ones of the vortex. Reflections and movement in the water fascinate me too.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely photos Julie - I missed that you'd been up to Alnwick - it's only an hour or so from us but always quite expensive to get into with the children but we have had some fun visits there - the last being with Fred's nursery! Lucy xx

Pat said...

Great photographs Julie, I just loved my visit to Alnwick and these brought back some lovely memories.

artisbliss said...

What a fabulous place! My Dylan would love it!

Into the Blystic said...

julie thank you so much for those photos!!! they are just wonderful... especially the basin ones...what fun it would be to try to do them in paint! namaste Elis.

sharon young said...

Lovely, lovely pics, Julie, bought back many happy memories and also made us realise how much we skimmed over the first time, hopefully we'll get back again on this visit to the Farnes.
My fav shot is the third one down , great way you've caught the water.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Julie, just loved the arch with the growing foilage...awesome!

Are you packed for Austria?
Have a good time.
York again soon?

Hear the hats are good in June! LOL!