Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bits and Bobs and ATCs

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Monday saw us taking advantage of my DH's day off and heading down the A1 to Rutland Water, a large manmade reservoir about 20 miles from us. My friend had told me about the bluebell wood there at Barnsdale and we were not disappointed in the sight which awaited us when we get there. The wood has been thinned out and conifers removed to open up the woodland floor and allow the bluebells to flower once again. I find it amazing that it only takes the removal of the canopy to bring dormant life from the soil.
The bluebells were absolutely spectacular! I don't think that I have seen such an expanse of bluebells in a long time, and this in a wood that is completely open to public access. Years ago, many years ago, when I was a child, we used to go to Danbury Woods in Essex, and I have a very strong memory of walking through droves of bluebells and coming out with armfuls (not allowable now) of these gorgeous, delicate blooms for my Mum.

I have been conspicuous by my absence from my Yahoo groups lately so this month I thought I would try and pick up the threads (no pun intended!) with the lottery at MixedMediaATCs_UK. The ATC above is on the theme of Sea Life and is much more sparkly than my photo shows.
Earlier this year I blogged about the Cyberfyber Exhibition that Susan Lenz is staging in January next year. If you missed out on the chance to join in with the ATC and Postcard swap that Susan ran in January you now have another opportunity to become part of this event. Susan has made more ATCs and Postcards so click here and follow the links to join in.
What else can I tell you? I can't show you what I am working on at the moment as it will be part of a swap if I manage to complete it. Something I can show you, though you might wish I hadn't bothered, is this fetching photo of DH taken on Monday. He was lurking in a little shed-thing at Barnsdale Gardens - don't ask - I think it's supposed to be a sort of hide so you can watch the birds in the wooded area, or maybe it's for children.............


Val Foster said...

Hi Julie. I totally LOVE this ATC. It has so much visual interest and texture and fibers, and the colors are cool too. Just beautiful.

I swapped a postcard with Susan Lenz last time. The one I made for her is posted on my blog. I'm assuming you swapped with her too. Do you have it posted? It's not this one, is it? Because if so, she would love it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. I appreciate it.
You have a great blog. Oh, and great pic of your DH. He's cute!!!

artisbliss said...

A very cute photo of your hubby. My DH isn't completely sure about my motives when I post his photo!

I love the fishy ATC. Lots of lovely detail.

sharon young said...

What wonderful bluebell woods, aren't you lucky. They weren't quite so thick up this end of the country.
Your DH is just doing what all men were born to do, loitering in a shed LOL, they can't help themselves, if they see a shed they have to go inside.
Lovely ATC

Gina said...

Beautiful Bluebell wood and super ATC Julie. Very fetching picture of DH lurking in the hut too! What a coincidence - Stewart and I are planning a trip to Barnsdale Gardens on Monday. A friend bought me a ticket for my birthday last year and I've not used it yet.

Lesley said...

There really is nothing quite like a bluebell wood - gorgeous photos Julie :)

Great shot of your DH in his playhouse!