Tuesday, 29 April 2008

This wonderfully woolly tree trunk, covered in lichen, shows just how clean, and wet, the atmosphere is in Killarney.

This young tree in Killarney park drew me like a magnet with its unusual patterning on the bark. I think most likely it has come from protective coverings which were left on too long when the tree was getting established and have left their imprint in the bark.

I suppose I'm cheating a bit with this almost repeated photograph but it is a different part of the trunk shown above. I do love the shapes of the sawn off smaller branches which are seen nestled into the dead vines and other vegetation around the trunk.
This is the full view of the Missionaries Garden along the roadside in Killarney. As you can see it looks like a little oasis.
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artisbliss said...

These are really lovely photos, Julie. I especially like the ones of the sawn through tree trunk and attendant vine branches.