Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Progress and texture

I am still working hard on my long quiltie but I've had a "duh" moment and am now wondering if our American friends might look in at my blog so I'm going to delay showing you anymore until I've finished it (next week). Sorry! On the technical front I have found that I could fix the photos to the background with bondaweb without the iron affecting the printed images. Phew! I just need to find out now whether I need to/can seal the printed images to help prevent fading. I have machine stitched the images down after bondawebbing but I have decided against free-machining and am doing some hand sewing.


On our last day in Killarney, before we met our friends for lunch, my DH and I took a wander in Killarney Park. The Park forms part of the gardens of Killarney House and extends along the edge of Lough Leane, one of the three Killarney Lakes. Needless to say I was on the lookout for texture and colour and I wasn't disappointed (especially as the wind was blowing and it was pretty chilly).

I can see possibilities with the texture and patterns in this sawn tree trunk.

The blue sky seen through the branches of this tree belies the chill in the day.

I should have photographed the whole tree but this hole was, I think, in a buttress coming out from the base of the tree. There are some nice textures in the wood and I like the glimpse of a world beyond through the hole.

This slate wheel is part of a monument on the roadside to people lost while working as Missionaries overseas. The monument is planted with some exotic plants including Tree ferns which give a hint of the countries where the missionaries worked.

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Genie said...

Great photos Julie, Just what I would have taken

Gina said...

Some lovely textures in the photos Julie - very inspirational.

sharon young said...

What stunning pics, Julie , especially the slate wheel, you've got some brilliant detail in there.
I don't think you images will fade unless you hang the piece in direct sunlight, as they fix pretty well when ironed.
Thank you for your comment on my studio post, I know you'll have guessed just how pleased I was LOL

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Love the photo's

Judy Scott said...

your photographs are amazing Julie I love the slate wheel but what sadness lies behind it.
About sealing the ink on the quilt ~ what kind of ink is in your printer? It might be that you dont need to seal against fading ~ alot of inks are archival and are fade proof for at least 99 years if not you would have to keep out of direct sunlight if possible! Enjoy your sewing :) Judy x

Lesley said...

Your photos are wonderful Julie and the textures are amazing. I can see you getting lots of inspiration from them!

The slate wheel is beautiful and such a touching monument.