Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Our Irish Jaunt 3

The Bog Village is home to some 4 legged friends too. This is a Kerry Bog Pony. At one time the breed was on the verge of extinction but John Mulvihill who owns the Bog Village has done a lot of work to restore the breed. This young lady was about to give birth on the day we visited.
This is the interior of a Thatcher's cottage and, no, you are not seeing double! There are 2 beds on the upper floor! Hopefully there's a ladder somewhere! The thatcher would have been in demand for his skills and would have been better off than the labourer or peatcutter. His home reflects a higher standard of living.
There is a collection of farm implements scattered about the village and needless to say, a souvenir shop in the background.
No, this isn't the pony at the top of the post. This little foal had been born the day before our visit and Mum was being very protective as you can see.
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West Country Mother said...

Big aaahhh! What a cute little chap/chapess.