Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Gratuitous Beauty

This beautiful view is a few hundred yards along from the Bog Village.
A little further along between Rossbeigh and Kells the sea was a glorious colour reflecting the colour of the sky. From this point you can look across to Inch Strand (beach) on the Dingle Peninsula. (More of this tomorrow).
My DH took this photo of Valencia Island which is the location of the first "commercially viable transatlantic telegraph cable."
Half way round the Ring you come to the beautiful seaside town of Waterville which was a favourite holiday destination of Charlie Chaplin. We were treated to time to have a short walk on this very interesting beach before our lunch stop. The beach was very pebbly (oh goodness! I seem to have found a couple in my bag! How did that happen?!) and I could quite happily have stayed there all afternoon beachcombing. It was absolutely beautiful, warm sunshine, the smell and sound of the sea and a long beach to wander along. Heaven!
To be continued............tomorrow!
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Gunnels blog said...

So wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Gina said...

Julie, it looks like you've had a lovely trip - such beautiful photographs. We stayed near Dingle when I was about seven months pregnant with Jacob - it was a lovely holiday - so relaxed and laid back.

West Country Mother said...

That last photo - the one with the pebbles - you should try your new free machining skills out on it. It would look amazing with grey/pinkish cloth and a dark grey/blue thread.