Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Our Irish Jaunt 1

Finally I'm getting round to blogging about our great holiday in Ireland last week. We were so blessed with the weather! As you can see our journey started out well with sunshine all along the North Wales coast. This photo was taken from the coach looking across to Anglesey.

We had a good smooth crossing over the Irish Sea and spent the first night in a hotel in Bray just south of Dublin.
As you can see my DH got into the swing of things when we stopped off at Blarney Village on the way to Killarney. He also bought a Guinness T-shirt! (witness the carrier bag in the next photo - his shopping, not mine. Well, only a little bit of mine......) lol
We were lucky enough to be given front seats on our friendly tour coach.
I thought Dot would like to see that my lovely Australian friends came with us to Killarney. You can see photos of our very comfy room here.
Oh, by the way, my DH only tried on the hat, he didn't buy it...............Phew! Thank goodness!!
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Lesley said...

I don't know if this should worry you but your DH looks really good in that hat!!!

Your Ireland trip looks like lots of fun and I'm glad Dot got to join in!!


sharon young said...

Looks like you had a great time and your rooms look lovely.
Sorry about the tech probs, I have had trouble uploading pics lately, but usually get there in the end. Blogger seems to have been very temperamental on my Mac lately so maybe there's a general problem.
Will come back later to see if you've got round it.
Is is easy to use Picassa for uploading instead?