Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Goodies in the Post

A few weeks ago I received an email from Nadia Bekker who lives in the Netherlands. She had found me through the Cyberfyber Exhibition site. Nadia collects ATCs and invited me to swap with her which I was delighted to do. When I got back from Ireland Nadia's envelope was on the mat and I am thrilled to find that she has sent me not one but two ATCs. Both are beautifully made and I love them both but I am particularly pleased to have the rust-dyed fabric one as I had admired it on Nadia's blog.

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I keep seeing faces in the rust dyed ATC. Now all I have to do is make Nadia's ATC in exchange! Life is conspiring against me since I got back from our hols but I hope to have some crafting time in a couple of days. So far all I've done is washing, shopping and paperwork for a friend.

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West Country Mother said...

I've never asked and now curiosity has got the better of me....what does ATC stand for please? Theyre nice whatever they are!