Saturday, 12 April 2008


It's been a bit of a strange week. Partly because of thoughts of my friend and neighbour and partly because I've been getting ready to go away! .............Yes!............Again! LOL We are going on a coach trip to Southern Ireland on Sunday.
I think I may have mentioned before that my DH will be 60 this year so we have decided to push the boat out and go a bit mad with the holidays, so I will be missing a few times this year (VBG). I think we both feel we're getting older (ok I know 60 isn't that old but we both have health issues and you never know what's coming) so we are going to spoil ourselves and hang the expense! (Remind me I said that when things get tight!).
We are going to be staying in Killarney in South West Ireland and will be taking a tour round the famous Ring of Kerry and also visiting Dingle, famed for Fungi the dolphin. We have some friends who live near Tralee so we are hoping to see them while we are in Killarney.
Before our trip I have sqeezed in a day out (not another one!!!) to Thriplow (pronounced Triplow) near Duxford in Cambridgeshire. The occasion was their 40th Daffodil Weekend and this was yet another coach trip. Not only did I go to this very enjoyable event but I also met up with the very lovely and very talented Mrs Fan My Flame, otherwise known as Gina! And to top that we got three bloggers for the price of two when Dottycookie came along with her family! How about that, real life imaginary friends in the flesh!
Thriplow was certainly busy today and the rain held off so it was a lovely, traditionally English day out with craft stalls, produce stalls, rides on horse drawn carts, face painting for the children, Morris Dancers, open gardens, a Flower Festival in the church and much more.
Unfortunately Blogger will not let me upload any pics tonight and as I have to finish getting ready to go away I will keep this short and come back to it when I get back. (Sorry, this is now a bit disjointed :( )
Be good everyone and I'll see you all soon with lots of photos no doubt. :)


Helen Suzanne said...

I love Ireland but have only seen a very small part. Have a great trip and do tell us all about it :D - with pics plz :D

artisbliss said...

Thanks for the great photos, have a WONDERFUL time in Ireland, and your little parcel from me will (hopefully) be waiting for you when you get home.

Into the Blystic said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! I look forward to the pictures!

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
In case I haven't missed your departure have a wonderful time, Ireland and the Irish are brilliant, I have a bit of the Blarny in me, the O is for O'mealy :-)
GGF from County Cork

Genie said...

Have a great time, I have never been to Ireland so looking forwward to your Pics.

Dilly said...

Hewo Julie!
Dilly get present from Julie yestday!
THANK Julie!!
Dilly luv present!!!
Dilly put pikcher on blog!!
Thank for bein Dilly's fwend!


Say hewo to Fungi for Dilly!!

Kilarney be btween Dilly Grandad-Poppa (Killaloe) an Dilly Unkol TOny (Glengarriff).

Dilly hope Julie hav sunshine.
Wen Dilly go vizit Ireland ALWAYS rayne. ALWAYS.

But Dilly like as very gween in Ireland an sum stones hav naykes in.


DeeMom said...

HAVE a Great time

Dot said...

Your trip sounds fantastic Julie! I am sure you will have a wonderful time. And I know meeting the lovely Gina before your trip would have been a highlight (I am envious!).

Look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing lots of lovely photo's too!

Lesley said...

Your day in Thriplow looks great!!

I hope you both have a lovely holiday - looking forward to the photos!


freebird said...

I've never been to Ireland. It's the only place I've ever truly wanted to see. My maiden name is O'Keefe which could be part of it but I also have family names of Holloway (from England), Lopez (from Spain, not Mexico) and Anderson (Norway). Why not those places - who knows; perhaps the fairies are calling me.

Hope you thoroughly enjoy your trip and I can't wait to see pictures.

Judy Scott said...

Hope you've had a wonderful time, Judy xxx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hope yor havin a good time an that it issent too cold an wet in Ireland!

Dilly luvs yor pressie an has given me the brown cullerd choklit bugs.