Saturday, 8 March 2008

Colours of Yorkshire

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Colour is obviously at the mercy of my camera, the computer and your own monitors but this collage shows the lovely subdued colours of the Moors at this time of the year. Some of them were taken from a moving car or a moving train and are deliberately blurred. Hopefully I will incorporate these colours into some work with the embellisher. I particulary like the colour of the dried heather plants in the top right hand photo.

You see some unusual sights sometimes when you're having a little drive out across the Moors. We came across these guys sheltering on a very stormy day when we arrived in the village of Lealholm.

These hens were sheltering from the wind in the lobby of the pub we went into for some lunch. They weren't too keen to come out either!


Gunnels blog said...

so lovely hens!

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely to see "my" moors ;)
I should go back to compare I suppose :D but memory has it as the light is more pure here.

I'm glad you managed to get going with the FME Julie! Did you use a darning foot? lol dot the "i"?... lift the foot and place it, then cut the threads that link it after ;))

The Wittering Rainbow said...

It was really good to see the photos together like that. It made me realize what a muted and restricted colour palette the area has - well, this time of year anyway. Very interesting.

sharon young said...

Hi julie
My goodness, I turn off my computer for a day and you've put up 3 posts!!!!!
Love your pics of the steam railway, I never knew the station was used in the Harry Potter movies, I would have looked for the tell tale signs if I'd known, when we went there.
Well done on the FME, I knew you could do it, there'll be no stopping you now!!
Poor old chucks, no wonder they didn't want to go out, how mean, you could have at least offered them a brandy or two LOL

artisbliss said...

I love the hens. I suppose they're quite used to people being around so don't mind going right through the door when necessary.

Good for you on the FME! I'd say that's a very good start.

DeeMom said...

The hens are adorable...hubby is looking forward to increasing his flock this spring...

Ro Bruhn said...

These images bring back memories. I love visiting your blog, I get glimpses of where I used to live. It looks nice and cool as we swelter in high 30's C, the weather doesn't realize it's autumn and should be cooling down. We used to have chooks a few years ago, they're such inquisitive creatures, sorry hens, we call them chooks here.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Julie seems we all had trips out this weekend, what wonderful colours you have captured here and those hens look brilliant perfect for this time of year! Jx

Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks for letting me know that the trade arrived safely in England. I've very much enjoyed your recent many, I love the hens!

I understand your excitement at free motion reverse! Every time I manage a real seam with anything close to proper tension and stitch length, I'm thrilled to bits! It's a rare thing for me to manage.