Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Take it Further Challenge

Since it is January 1st I feel I must at least acknowledge that I am now part of the Take it Further Challenge and that I have committed to work towards developing a piece of work based on a theme each month in 2008. Sharon Boggon will be setting a challenge based on a key concept which we will be required to develop over the course of the month. The challenge is to take the idea, develop it and push it towards a resolved design during that month. In other words you interpret the idea and apply it to fiber or paper.

The second option will be a colour scheme or a design element like a shape, to develop into a resolved design. This means that if you don’t like the concept you can work the colour scheme or if you don’t like the colour scheme you can work with the concept. Or you can work with both.

The actual project you design can be any thing, in any medium or format you choose. It can be a crazy quilt block, a postcard, a journal quilt, a piece of embroidery, a sampler, a fabric book page or whatever sparks your imagination. It can also be visual journal work. In other words pages spreads of designs worked in a visual journal will be seen as a valid entry and included as one of the formats acceptable for the challenge.

As mad as it sounds, I have not been used to working and developing a design in the past. I have come from a painting background and have either worked from a staged still life, a photograph or out in the open. I have analysed other artists work, like Van Gogh, Cezanne, Turner, Monet, Cotman and attempted to apply paint or use line in the same way they did. I suppose I have constructed my own paintings and thought about line, tone, texture, colour, scale but I have usually had a starting point, a source to work from.

The key concept for January is a feeling we have all had, the feeling of admiration for another. Who do I look up to and admire? Why? What is it I admire about them? The optional project is to work from a colour scheme but I think that I will work from the main concept. I intend to have a go at mind mapping (I think that's what it's called) as I think that may bring out ideas that I am not aware of. However, up to now I am thinking that I will concentrate on artists that I most admire. I think it's probably best to start from something I know. Of course, it will no doubt be extremely difficult to narrow down to just one artist that I admire. I can bring several people to mind immediately; Kurt Jackson for the amazing texture he brings to his work, Anthony Frost for his use of colour and texture, Cezanne, Matisse, Van Gogh for definite, Gillian Ayres, Kandinsky. The list is endless! How am I going to choose? Then, of course, I have to decide on the medium I am going to work in.

This blocky piece above has been posted before and is inspired by Anthony Frost. It incorporates many materials and may offer possibilities for a textile piece with different textures of fabric. On the other hand, the work of Kurt Jackson opens up possibilities to use stitch and embellishments as well as fused or cut fabrics for texture. Kandinsky offers possibilities to explore shape and colour..........
At the moment I am just toying with ideas but I will be applying myself to my sketchbook to get to grips with this challenge. Of course, I also have to decide what medium and format I will work in. Do I make a book, a series of pages which could be bound or united as a wallhanging, a series of postcards? Aaaargh! Decisions, decisions!!!


sharon young said...

Wow Julie, you have been busy catching up. I know what you mean about the division of time, and much as I enjoy my blogging I'm afraid it's yet another distraction that takes me away from the studio!! but having said that I have gained so much in the last few months from the camaraderie that it's well woth it!
Your TIF challenge sounds brilliant, I wish I was doing it, but I missed the cut off date and I seriously don't think my OH would be very impressed if I tried to fit yet something else into my schedule!
Your friends look very content to be with you, even if your grip on Mungo was a bit tight, but where's Bertie?
Thank you for your beautiful moving shots of the NMA, it looks an extraordinary place, and the sculptures look incredible!!
All the best with your plans for this year I'm sure you'll get where you want to be.

Becky Vigor said...

I was also too late to sign up for this, but that's probably a good thing as I have so many projects going on already. I can't wait to see what you make of this challenge. I think the thing about working towards a finished piece is that you have the chance to start with lots of ideas, play with them and gradually see where you want to take them. I do hope you'll be sharing your journey with us, I can't wait to see where you take this theme.

Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Julie, I've just discovered your blog after visiting Becky's site. I've been reading through some of your past posts and was thrilled to see the photos of Boston and the fens. I was born in Boston Hospital many years ago and lived in Spalding until coming to Australia with my parents when I was nine. I still have family in Spalding and have been back 'home' a couple of times, I have a friend who I went to school with who lives in Grantham, we write every Christmas. The world is getting ever smaller especially now blogging has arrived.
By the way I love the work you do, love the colour.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

How exciting!! I think you're going to have fun. The first textile piece I made that wasn't a sample was from a painting by Kandinsky. I dyed the silks myself and had great fun and was one of the first pieces I made that I actually liked! In fact, I think I've still got it somewhere - I shall have to dig it out and have another look. Enjoy yourselfx

Gramzy said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog, it means a lot to me!
I wasn't able to sign up for this challenge so I will enjoy following your journey. Your work is wonderful and inspiring! I've added your blog to my must read list.