Saturday, 5 January 2008

Catching Up

Did you think I'd emigrated?! I haven't felt much like blogging over the last few days. I think I've had an attack of the grumps as well as a return of an unhappy tum. Must be the post-Christmas bleurgh that I've been reading about at Moogsmum's blog. Anyway, fortunately today dawned sunny and bright and I got up sunnier and brighter too!

As it was my DH's weekend off and the sun was out we thought we'd take ourselves out for some fresh air and a pub lunch, but in the reverse order. Fortunately the pub and the walk are adjacent. The pub is known locally as "The Dirty Duck" although its official title is the Rutland Arms. It lies within the Estate of Belvoir Castle and said castle can be seen from its lounge bar.

This view of the pub through the trees was taken as we set off for our walk along the Grantham Canal.

The wind was pretty chilly but it was lovely to be outside for a change as we seem to have spent an awful lot of time indoors over the Christmas period.

This signpost denotes the canal as being part of the National Cycle Network

The canal surface is covered in algae at the moment but it makes for some interesting textures

I'm going to have a play with these in Photoshop and see what happens. Please feel free to save the pix to your own computer if you should want to have a play with them.

The canal looks deserted here as we turned back to go home but there were quite a few people out walking, jogging and cycling. The pub was certainly busier by the time we got back to our car.

As we turned off the canal path I happened to look down and found this beautiful piece of metal which had evidently been burned on a bonfire in the field next to the canal.


DeeMom said...

Wow Julie on the metal, can a bit be saved to Embellish in some way, the colors are wonderful. I agree on the algae…something worth playing with Photo wise…

Really like the links to your travels today…looks like a place my Sweetie and I would enjoy.

Lesley said...

Glad you're feeling better Julie. Your walk looks lovely - especially starting at the pub :) Those textures in the algae and the metal are great and I'll look forward to seeing what you do with them.
We're off to the forest for a good walk today and hopefully a quick visit to the beach before home to beef stew. My camera needs a good airing!
Lesley xx

Gina said...

Fabulous photos Julie - love the ones with the Algae. Glad you're feeling a bit better. Look after yourself... I'd recomend more pub lunches... oh and walks of course!
Gina x

sharon young said...

Hi julie
I was just about to send out a blogging search party :-)
I'm glad your feeling a bit better.
Your walk looked wonderful, thanks for the great links, Belvoir Castle is definitely a place for further investigation, and the rust was to die for !! Was it too big to take home?
Treat yourself gently and don't go overdoing it.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

I wondered where you were! Glad you're feeling better. I notice that the burnt metal has two or three very neatly cut square holes cut into it. It wasn't you was it??

MargaretR said...

Both the algae and the metal are really something. I'm always on the lookout for things like that. looks like you have a good camera too? Great details in the pics.