Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bertie and Wally

I know it's a bit late to be talking about Christmas trees but a certain someone (you know who you are) has been waiting for a sight of my little friend Bertie and I thought I would let you see how helpful he has been over the last couple of days

After my mum swep' off to my brother's on Thursday Bertie did stirling work helping me take down the Christmas tree and pack up the decorations.

Then the postlady came to call and Bertie was keen to model my new purchases from Vistaprint. I say purchases when in fact the stamp and the business cards were free. I just had to pay the postage. The stamp is quite fun and means I won't have to write quite so much on the back of my ATCs when I make them. My DH and I decided to combine both our details on the one card and they look very effective. All I've got to do now is remember (a) to put some in my bag and (b) to give them to people! Duh! I'm sorry Bertie looks a bit tipsy - he's a bit of a tinker with the wine!

I was introduced to Vistaprint by a voucher from Amazon (of course I haven't been buying books!!!!!!!!) and thought I would give them a try having seen a cyber friend of mine had used them. They seem to be reliable (I am just waiting for some address labels to come and then the order is complete) but they do send you an awful lot of emails with Special Offers. You pay postage separately on each part of your order so the costs could soon mount.

After all that tidying and modelling Bertie took some time out to watch a little tv. I still don't have a name for the bear in the headscarf in the background. I have to keep a close eye on Bertie when she's around as he has a soft spot for her and has been giving her the glad-eye!

Bertie has now found a new friend - he's a very friendly bear! This is his new friend Wally the Walrus doorstop who came to live with us at Christmas. As you can see, he hasn't learned how to be a doorstop yet as he's sitting behind me on the settee. Bertie is again engrossed in the telly, he'll have square eyes that bear! I think Wally's waving! .......................Boo!!


Lesley said...

Bertie looks like a very helpful bear. How is he with laundry?
Lesley xx

sharon young said...

Yippee!!!! At last a sight of my favourite bear, I was beginning to think you might have sent him in a first class dustbin to Australia, the destination of Elly the elephant ( a long lost friend of my eldest daughter).
I'm glad to see he's been so helpful, if a little too free with the wine! Of course you could always call his girlfriend Molly (the mop) as she's obviously so good at the dreaded HW LOL
Wally looks a bit sinister, are you sure he's not trying to frighten Bertie to death!!!
Cuddles and kisses to my fav bear!

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Read your vista print emails very carefully or they will be taking a quarterly payment from you because you didn't tick the correct box.

Judy Scott said...

Hello Julie ~ I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you with a You Make My Day Award. Waving to Wally, Love Judy xx

Gina said...

Wally is rather lovely! And what a helpful bear Bertie is!
G x