Sunday, 18 November 2007

Saturday continued

I don't know what happened to my post from yesterday. I didn't post it last night and have only just put it up this morning (Sunday) but Blogger, bless it, is showing it as Saturday's post anyway! Very confusing.

Anyway, Saturday continued.......(I think I've lost my thread now as I couldn't blog everything that was in my mind yesterday lol)

I am quite pleased with some purchases I've made this week. The hearts were bought from Au Naturale in town and cost £1 each effectively (a BOGOFF offer). I thought that I would decorate/embellish them with buttons and beads. At £1 each it doesn't seem a lot to pay for a ready made base, although I suppose it is a bit pricey if you're used to making them yourself. The ribbon and the small piece of fabric, which is a lovely crinkly texture and a bit reflective on one side, cost me 10p each from the market. Bargain!
Perversely, I have been working on some ATCs that are due for a swap in December. Have I worked on the swaps that are due on Tuesday and by the end of this month? Of course not!!! lol I was really attracted by the theme of the December swap so did those first. Logical!

I'm sure you've guessed by now. The theme is Frost, ice, snow. I have used texture paste as a base and the leaf is a real leaf which I have painted with copper acrylic paint. I have then collaged a piece of silvered mesh, the leaf , babies breath and grasses and then sponge painted it all. Finally I've touched on some gold acrylic paint to highlight some areas. I really enjoyed making these little cards.

We had a busy start to the day (when we eventually woke up at 10 o'clock!). I've had to move all the loose stuff in my studio as I am having some insulation fitted to the ceiling tomorrow. Look at the chaos out there

How many brushes does a girl need?!! We've moved everything out except for the main furniture and the stuff on the lower bookshelves. Actually, I was surprised that it only took DH and I an hour to move it all into the conservatory, which now looks like a bomb has hit it! I am going to have to have a proper sort out when I put it all back. In the course of moving everything I have found a leak through the walls so it's probably just as well that we have had to move everything. Hmmmm! The question is, how do we stop the water which seems to be seeping thro knots in the wood?

PS I am so pleased that, at last, blogger is enlarging my pics!


Susan D said...

I do like seeing other artists studios and that they can be as untidy as mine. I've had to get a new computer desk so going to be having an early spring clean this week to see if I can find the room to use the old one for my sewing machine.

imac said...

Wotalotofworkwedid DH.

If you like anticipation then

pop over to see the buildup of the spectacular

katelnorth said...

I think that blogger always uses the date from when you first save a draft of a post - now that drafts are autosaved on blogger, that generally means 3-4 minutes after you start typing. So if you start something one day and don't finish it until several later, I THINK it uses the original date. Also if you edit later, it doesn't show the editing date, just the original date...

Dot said...

Your ATC's are stunning! So textural and wintery (hard to fathom Winter when we are approaching Summer here in Oz!).

My creative space looks a lot like yours!


Annabel said...

Yep, that's one of bloggers drawbacks, you can't write posts in one go, save them, and publish them on different days, they all come up together. It's the day of writing not the actual day that appears. I love your studio. It looks very organized to me....mmm...must do something about my space/mess

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie love the Frost ATC's! namaste Elis.