Saturday, 17 November 2007

Markets and Goodies (What more goodies?!)

NB** This post should read as for Saturday 17 November. I didn't get chance to finish it last night before we went out for the evening. Duh!

Today dawned gloriously sunny in our neck of the woods so DH and I had a rush of blood to the head and decided to walk into town. We've both been told we need to take more exercise so what better than a lovely walk on a bright autumn day? We live about a mile from the town centre and are greeted by this view of our local parish church St Wulfram's , as we walk through the estate where we live. As you can see there is one of Lincolnshire's famous hills in the background - see, I told you Lincolnshire isn't all flat didn't I? Grantham actually sits in a dip and in 3 directions you have to go up a hill to leave town - great fun when we get any snow.

The object of our meanderings was a French market being held along with our weekly street market. This is the second time this year we have had this French market here. I love to listen to all the French accents of the vendors and try out my French when I get the chance.

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You can see what a lovely sunny morning it was and lots of people were out enjoying the stalls. The stall above was selling tablecloths, lavender, soaps and natural sponges. The sponges were £10 which I think was quite cheap. I think I missed a bargain there cos I didn't buy one. My DH enjoyed taking snapping away with his camera and if you pop over to his blog you'll see a lot more. Looks like he's planning a few posts on the subject!

We continued our morning with a wander through the weekly market and came across this gentleman who, fortunately, was not shouting at the time.

In case you're not familiar with this traditional figure he is our Town Crier who in earlier times would announce the news to the community.

This scene caught my eye as we were beginning our walk back home

I didn't realise we were so tall!

Look what was waiting for me when we got home! First of all this parcel which Gina posted to me last Friday! So much for First Class Mail! Gina was about to report it lost.

Inside was this beautifully wrapped parcel

And look at what was inside

Isn't the angel beautiful? I also love the little pincushion in the shape of a cake. The postcards of Gina's sock monkeys are from The starry material is, I think, organza. I already have an idea what I may use that for. Thank you Gina for your lovely parcel.
To be continued..............


morningDove said...

Hello Julie: your little bag of goodies are wonderful. But I really want to say thanks for sharing your walk with us. the pics are wonderful and I love the market and seeing the area where you live. what did you find there?

Julie said...

Hi Morning Dove just in case you look in here again, there were all sorts of stalls, crepes (pancakes) freah bread, cheeses, french biscuits (cookies), sweets (candy), pashmina, handbags, childrens toys all kinds of things.