Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Look Look Look!

I can't believe it! My new toy-cum-early Christmas present, arrived this afternoon! How is that for service? I can certainly recommend White Rose Sewing and Craft Centre of Castleford for their prompt service. Yesterday would have been their first day back at work after the Harrogate Show and they despatched my embellisher straight away! Of course, you're going to have to have a photo:

Excuse the mess! I shall shortly be adding to it with lots of fibre!

Here's the photo that I wanted to post last night but I needed to go to bed:

This is Grace bowling at our local bowling alley. She was 84 at the time. I have to say that we did stop taking her shortly after this photo was taken as she slipped and sat down on the lane! Fortunately she didn't hurt herself and was quite happy to carry on but my nerves wouldn't take it so we conveniently didn't go much after that. I still have Grace's bowling ball in the garden as a garden feature!

It's a mixed bag tonight. I don't have any work to show you as I've been putting my stuff back in the studio (notice that now it's warm in there it's no longer 'the shed') but my DH had a pomegranate last night and I managed to get a pic of the fruit before he demolished it.

I love the colours and the patterns in this fruit. Next time he cuts one I shall have to draw it before he eats it.
On the subject of the studio you should have heard DH and I trying to put a flourescent tube up this afternoon. Or maybe you shouldn't! LOL Have you ever tried putting these tricky so-and-so's up? I haven't a clue but I was giving DH instructions as to which way round the prongs should go and we were up and down two sets of steps swapping ends while DH tried to locate the pins in the relevant holes, bearing in mind that he doesn't see very well, especially when there's little light to see by. Eventually, and all of a sudden, the prongs decided to lock in place, well, I say lock, but it's more like barely resting, and DH and I made a wary retreat. I can laugh now but we nearly sent for the cavalry (aka DH's best mate Richard who put the thing up in the first place).


Gina said...

Enjoy your new toy Julie. Lovely post yesterday about Grace.
Gina x

Purple Missus said...

You are going to have some fun with that machine Julie. If we don't hear from you for a while we will know why :)

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Snap!! I've just got this one and I love it, I think it sounds like a steam locomotive, chug, chug,chug. It's a very comforting noise!!
What a game you had with your studio,but at least you didn't end up falling off the ladders!
It'll be my turn next as I've made enough money now to buy £80 worth of roofing panels for my studio roof. ouch!!
All I have to do is wait for my OH to be in the mood to do it!

mrsnesbitt said...

Don't eat the yellow bits!


DeeMom said...

Your blog is so exciting Love the new sewing machine. Pomegranates are so pretty, tasty a good for you. I am thinking of doing a roasted goose this Christmas with a pomegranate glaze and wild rice.