Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Lynda's comment yesterday was about right. I have been having a play with my new toy and am finding it addictive already. I may even tackle Free Machine Embroidery with my new found confidence of moving fabric freely under the needles! Let's hope the method transfers!

Contrary to expectations, I haven't spent all day playing - I had to tackle the dreaded HW first. Anyway, that done, I had a look at the DVD that came with the machine and then took the plunge!

I started with a piece of charcoal kunin felt and felted some scrim to it. I then attached organza and another piece of (orange) scrim. The patch at the top is the inked "cobweb" that I used recently which has given quite a nice soft effect. The pink stripe is a scrap of felt and the yellowy piece below is inked mulberry bark. The bottom piece is a multi-coloured yarn and down the side I've used a fringed yarn. I like the way this has been pulled in and softened by the embellisher with wisps left loose.

Do you remember the foiled velvet I made here? I've had a go at embellishing and distressing that, being careful as it became thick where the organza ruched up.

You may be able to see here that I have been left with some lumpy areas in the first area I started with as I cut the organza to release the tension on it, for fear that the material would be too thick for the needles. I will probably needle some organza over these areas to blend them in.

I managed to needle this more evenly by moving the needles in small circles.

This is the area that has yet to be embellished. I've had to stop to blog!!!! I'm now covered in tiny specks of gold foil. Hope the laptop doesn't mind!


Carol said...

These look wonderful, haven't had time to really play on mine yet, you have inspired me to have a go

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Fantastic start, much better than my first attempts! I love the organza, I tried some purple shot when Ben was here and it worked beautifully. I think I'll try the gold now.
Great photography for such a difficult subject, was that you or your DH?

Gina said...

Can tell you are going to have lots of fun with that new toy Julie! Lovely samples.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Gorgeous, rich colours Julie. I love reading about your techniques and experiments.