Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Lifts, Stump and Fens

Today went off better than we were expecting, thank goodness. DH's visit to Boston Hospital wasn't as bad as he was fearing. At least they didn't do the test in the way he had been warned about so it was quite straightforward and only involved drinking gallons of water and waiting till the last possible moment to.......... sorry, too much information no doubt. We nearly had a moment of crisis when we arrived and were told that the ward he had to go to was on the 9th floor! Help!!! I am pathologically afraid of going in lifts but 9 floors was too much to contemplate so I had to go in the dreaded thing or abandon poor DH at the first hurdle. At least my panic took his mind off things for a few moments. All was forgotten when we got out of the lift tho and were greeted with this view

The church you can see is the famous Boston Stump (named for the shape of its tower) - sorry for the sloping skyline.

This view is looking out over the very obviously flat land around this area. (known as The Fens)

This is the landscape that Lincolnshire is famous for, but, believe me there are plenty of hills in this lovely county.

We were only at the hospital for an hour so poor DH had to go in to work, but only after we had stopped off for some lunch on the way back to Grantham. We called in at The Black Bull pub in the village of Donington where Matthew Flinders, the great navigator who circumnavigated Tasmania thus proving it to be an island, was born.
I was so exhausted after driving to Boston and back that I had to give in to an afternoon siesta so I haven't had time for much in the way of art adventures today. I have, however, made a dotee doll for a swap at Fibre Art Traders. Pic tomorrow.


Gina said...

Pleased your day went better than expected Julie.

Annabel said...

Hope everything turns out ok for you both.

mrsnesbitt said...

Pleased everything went well Julie. Hugs to you both.