Friday, 16 November 2007

Dotee and Ted

Isn't it funny how, when you don't blog for a day you can't remember what you did? Yesterday is a complete blank at the moment, apart from the fact that I did get out into my studio for a play for a while.

We've finished our quota of hospital visits for this week. Today's little adventure with a camera, (the sort they encourage you to swallow - yuck!) went well for DH. We had an early start as he was first in at 9 o'clock and I don't like rushing, so I got up early to give me time to wake up slowly with a cuppa. The test went off well and there's nothing really horrible going on. They've upset DH tho as he's been told to avoid big meals and late night supper and worst of all..........avoid chocolate!!! OMG the world would be ending if they said that to me! *LOL* Still, now I've got an excuse not to give him any of mine...Mwaaahaahaaahaaa!

This is the dotee doll I've finished this week for the trade at Fibre Art Traders at Yahoo. I think I'm getting better at doing the faces. I can't stop making these little dolls, they're really addictive. At least if I build up a little stock I shall be able to have a giveaway at some point. By the way, Sharon, I haven't forgotten your 100th post pressy. I hope to get something to you in the next week. (That's torn it, I've made a commitment now! I'll have to get cracking).

I can't show you much art this week as I've been working on a few swaps that I can't show yet. Also, my builder is coming to fix some insulation in my studio on Monday so I now have to move everything off the floor (not the furniture, thank goodness) and clear all the cupboard tops so they can work freely. Guess what I'll be doing all weekend? It will be great to keep some of the expensive heat in the shed instead of having it all pouring out thro the roof. Then I won't have any excuses for not going out there will I?

One little resident of the studio is a bit perturbed by all the upheaval....

His fairy friend is trying to poke his eye out! I've promised him I won't close the lid of the box he's sitting the look on his face I don't think he believes me!


sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Your poor DH, as if he hasn't had enough to go through! and there you are scoffing chocolate in front of him , outrageous, LOL!
Please don't worry about my pressy, it'll be all the better for waiting for, after all half the fun is the anticipation.
I thought I was the only mature person who still believed that toys have a life of their own when we're not watching! I've got one of these bears , but he doesn't have a posh hat like yours or a red bow , better make sure he doesn't see your post!
Love the doll, the face is particularly appealing and the fish theme is great. i have a booked a date for one of my other grandchildren to come and make one with me in the xmas hols, so must look up the instructions.
Thanks for commenting on the Pavorotti post, Ben loves reading the comments!

Gina said...

Lovely Dotee doll Julie!