Saturday, 3 November 2007

Happy Saturday

My DH has given me permission to use this photo which he took this morning and which I thought had some gorgeous textures in it. I hope you enjoy it.

Look what came in the post this morning! I am resisting opening the cover until I've got time to sit down and enjoy it!

I can't wait to look at the items on rust and the Patchwork Collage Techniques looks interesting. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning? (I'm still waiting for the errant Quilting Arts which must still be caught up in the aftermath of the post strike). Don't tell DH but I've orderered the specialGifts edition of Quilting Arts and that should be here soon as it's coming from Rainbow Silks.

Also in the post were these invites to exhibitions at Kings Lynn, one in the shape of a selection of lego with which I am invited to build a robot or add to a bigger robot at Kings Lynn. Very novel!

Not so much time for blogging or creating today. We are going to the Embassy Theatre at Skegness later to see The Searchers in concert tonight. Our friends are taking us so I won't have to drive - God Bless friends!

While I think of it, someone reminded me today of something you may not know about me. Back in the late 70's and early 80's my then husband and I used to be bikers. Mind you, if you'd seen me in my wet weather gear you'd have thought I was more like the Michelin man! (At 6 stone wet through at the time that was quite an achievement!) After said husband and I split up I ran a Yamaha 100cc bike myself for a while. I couldn't drive at the time so it got me from a to b. Trouble was I kept dropping it on the ground as it was a bit heavy for me! Very embarrassing picking yourself up from the middle of the road when you've been turning right and the bikes just gone down in a heap instead of moving off! I eventually sold it to a mate at work and he managed to neck himself on the traffic barrier at work while leaving the car park. No he wasn't hurt and yes, it was funny once we realised he was ok.

I am just spending a very pleasant few minutes listening to a concert of Carmina Burana on Sky tv. I really love this work, it's so passionate and lyrical.


mrsnesbitt said...

Hey a biker babe too eh?
We have been out on ours today, went to Rufforth just outside york, then home via Whitby! Great Day!

Have a good night1
dont get pins and needles...and pins! Aha!

Kerri said...

Julie.... how could I have missed your blog??? This is my first visit! I'll need to do some exploring........

katelnorth said...

Ooh, maybe that means my CPS will be here soon, goody goody.