Tuesday, 9 October 2007

More Austrian eye candy

This was a demonstration of what happens at the annual festival whereby the cows are brought down from the summer pastures amid great festivities. The cows are all decorated as you can see. We were greatly amused by this very young farmer who was very busy with marshalling the cows.....and getting out of the way!

This Art Nouveau cafe was in Salzburg old town - home of the smiley coffee.

Autumn colours were beginning to emerge everywhere in Austria.

This is beautiful Lake Pillersee (or strictly just Pillersee as "See" means lake).

This is the churchyard in Waidring. It is very different from our churchyards and the monuments are very delicate. The churchyards are immaculate and all the graves beautifully tended. At night candles burn and there is a wonderful peaceful atmosphere accompanied by the gentle tinkling of cow bells from the fields.

These prancing horses are at the ancient city stables and form a backdrop to the original horse baths.

This was the sunset outside our hotel the night before we came home. Beautiful!


smokepole said...

stunning pictures julie. love them all.

Pat said...

Your sunset was spectacular, I love the lace effect of the crosses in Austrian churchyards, you have me searching now for my own pictures of Austria. Beautiful country.

imac said...

Yep, i love the church yard pics too.They are great.

JAM said...

Beautiful photos. I can hardly believe it's already time for the leaves to change.