Monday, 17 September 2007

Where did I put those washers?

I forgot to include these lovely chiffon scarves that my stepmum gave me when I blogged yesterday. They are gorgeous! I don't think I'll need to look for any more sheers for a while. I photographed the ATCs again from yesterday.

This one is from Amanda.

The vase of flowers is from Jenny.

And this gorgeous card is from Pippa:

The next three cards are on a theme of Summer Garden and are from Amanda

and Jean
The other ATCs I painted yesterday have dried and this is for the lottery at Mixed Media ATCs_UK. The colours not right but you may be able to see that I decided on 7 layers on a seascape theme (unfortunately the photo makes it look like there are 8 layers but really, it's only 7, promise!
The three ATCs for the beach theme are finished too

It's amazing how different the colours are from the pics I took yesterday. These were taken in the conservatory in daylight. This last one is much closer to the actual ATC, it is quite pale with a sparkle from irridescent paint.

I've been working on another ATC on the 7 theme but I've hit a snag.....I want to include a painted washer but I can't remember where I've put them! Oh dear....another senior moment! lol

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Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie Beautiful ATC's! I especially love the bottom one! namaste Elis.