Tuesday, 18 September 2007


DJ's latest work reminded me that some time ago I did a sketchbook painting in gouache which was a reworking of a painting by Modigliani. I have always thought that I could not paint faces but I found by doing this exercise that I could at least reinterpret someone else's portrait. Pity I didn't pursue the point at the time and move on to using my own model or photo. Maybe I'll have a look at this technique again.
The title of the original is "Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne".

What I will do though is have a play with my painting (which I think cannot be the subject of copyright breach as it is my version of the original) and see what I can do digitally and also print it out on fabric or lasertran -ooh, ooh, or even lutradur!) and see where it takes me. I was really proud of this little sketch as it was all my own work (I did actually do it after a class re-working another Modigliani painting called "Portrait of Chaim Soutine" - I'll post that another time).

I finished the other entry for the September lottery at my Mixed Media group and managed to find the recalcitrant (big word!) washer. I still can't find the rest though. I reckon they're with the key to the patio door (don't ask!).


Gina said...

I really like the painting Julie. Not sure why you would think you can't draw faces... looks great to me. I like your entry to the September lottery too. Looks very different from your other work I've seen so far - very striking!

Purple Missus said...

I agree with Gina - but there, when do we ever think our own work is good enough?
I wish I could enlarge your photos, trying to see what the background picture is under your 'big word' washer :)

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Julie
Definitely, you should pursue more faces! This one is lovely, expressive and moving! What a great idea to reuse it on fabric. you've got me thinking! namaste Elis.