Monday, 13 August 2007

I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have for creative work and blogging over the next 2 or 3 weeks. My mum is coming to stay on Friday so I am giving an early warning in case I am not around too much. I am really looking forward to my mum coming. She is a lively lady and at 82 is still sequence dancing and going on cruises. I am very proud of her! This time last year we thought we were going to lose her as she was diagnosed with an aneurism in the ascending aorta and a damaged heart valve. She was given the option of having surgery as it was such a gruelling operation with an uncertain outcome at her age. Undaunted she went ahead with the surgery, after going on a coach trip to Prague and a cruise in the med !!!, and, despite a horrendous recovery period she has come through the whole thing. This is mum and I at a family wedding in January this year after her surgery. Doesn't she look well? This is a lady who was an acrobat in her teens. She was part of a group called The Elite Six and was part of the stage show "The White Horse Inn". My claim to fame is that she knew the actor George Cole when he was just starting out.

I think I must get my creativity from my mum - she used to make all our clothes when I was small. In fact, when we went on holiday, she used to make matching outfits for her and I. I'll have to find a photo to post - or then again, maybe I won't!

I spent yesterday stitching my August Journal Page but I won't post it yet as there's not much change to see. While I was cooking lunch on Saturday some eggshells I was drying reminded me that I was experimenting or should that be eggsperimenting, with using them for texture. I mixed them in turn with pva, acrylic paint and texture paste. They bedded in quite well to the texture paste and I think any of the effects would have a use depending on the composition. I painted them with acrylics and ink and I think this would work well on a larger scale where a heavy texture was needed (note to self: have another go at this and explore textures in stone walling).

You may have seen the painting below in a previous post about my untidy studio. Janice Kok very kindly gave me a large canvas to experiment with when I visited her studio last year. Janice's work is wonderfully vibrant and I would love to paint as brightly as she does. I had fun with this canvas dribbling inks and stencilling but as you can see it's not particularly vibrant! It's been sitting on my easel since last year while I decide what to do next. Trouble is I get so precious about bits I like and don't want to paint over.

I have a confession to make! I succumbed to a purchase while I was in town today! I was supposed to be shopping for calico but came away with this sumptuous velvety material. The photo doesn't do it justice - it's stretchy with self coloured lace and clear sequins. There's enough to keep me going for years so if anyone would like a piece for ATCs or Postcards leave me a comment. The colour is a bit more towards the turquoise.


sue said...

thanks for dropping by my blog - so new to ATCs that I've only ever made two!!

Gina said...

Your Mum's vitality really shines Julie! I'm sure you'll have a lovely time with her. The canvas looks fabulous. If you can spare a tiny piece of that gorgeous fabric I'll happily swap it for one of my ATCs?

Susan D said...

Wow you're Mum looks great for her age. Isn't it always they way you go out for one thing and come back with something completely different. I'd love a piece of your fabric if you can bear to part with some.