Wednesday, 15 August 2007


As my mum says "There'll be tears by bedtime"! I have been roaring thro today on a high. I really must get a grip or I shall be worn out before I get to Birmingham tomorrow! Lol. Even cleaning the bathroom which I hate didn't dampen my spirits. Maybe it was bopping around to Bananarama on a free CD that helped! Nothing like a bit of 80's rock to get you going. I had a slow start to the cleaning tho. I fetched a sponge scourer to clean with and then got distracted by pondering the textures the sponge side and the rough side would give. Inevitably I ended up cutting the sponge in half to experiment with! No wonder I never get any housework done!

Today had a good start - I came back from shopping to find my first ever swaps had arrived from the Mixed Media Atcs UK group.

This one is from Angela and includes yellow pages, an old map and tomato puree tinfoil.

This one is from Becky and I love the sentiment.

And finally from Jean: this one is made from plastic bags and what looks like plastic netting.

They are all lovely, thank you girls. Can anyone tell me where to get the little plastic sleeves the ATCs fit into? Maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow.

My second surprise today was the offer of a typist's type chair on Freecycle. What a coincidence! I have recently decided that I could use the space in my loft, which is already set up as a storeroom, to set up my sewing machine, or should I say my mum's sewing machine, as it's the only surface that's available and sturdy enough to use. Originally the loft was set up with counters to run a model train on but that period and person in my life are no longer here. (a long story). So, what better than to get myself organised with a sewing room? It's not ideal (cos it's hot in summer) but at least I can leave the machine set up and it will be cleaner than my painting room. Anyway I nipped out to fetch the chair and now I just have to wait for DH to come home from work to get it back out for me.

Treat number 3 was an email from Gina at Fan my Flame. Gina is going to the FOQ tomorrow too so we are hoping to meet up for a cuppa and a 5 minute breather. It will be great to meet a new cyber friend :o)

I'm taking my camera tomorrow so I'll try and get some shots to put on my blog. Understandably some of the exhibitors don't like you to take pix but I'm sure I'll get a few round and about.

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