Sunday, 8 July 2007

This is just a quick post which I may update later. I have to go and cook dinner! The chicken smells as tho it's cooked already!

Life has conspired against me even more this weekend as my DH had a fright yesterday and we ended up at the emergency room (A & E) but fortunately it turned out not to be his heart so panic over. Before that happened I spent a couple of hours with some friends playing about with angelina film and fibre and chrystallina and also friendly plastic.

The pic above shows how far I got yesterday - I may spray it with gold cobweb yet. The ATC on the right is waiting for some fused angelina to be put on it.


freebird said...

Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment on my page. I enjoyed your bio. I have some friendly plastic (never used) but have only recently heard of angelina fibers. Do they hold the friendly plastic to your background or what does and is the fiber for decoration? I will have to look for some of this stuff when I visit my daughter in civilization(southern California! I am in a rural area in Arizona where too many people still think they're cowboys! And yes, some pack a gun!). Welcome unofficial member. I am hoping we go for a second year of this where all the unofficials can sign up!

Julie said...

I am a novice at friendly plastic too but will be practicing some more with it. The angelina fibres are fused with a hot gun and can then be used in lots of ways. I believe you can stitch them onto projects or include chopped up pieces when you make silk paper to give a glimmer. I have just used them on an ATC (not yet finished) and have stuck them down with Acrylic matt medium. They are very irridescent and sparkly I think might be a bit overpowering. I will post a pic of my ATC when it's finished.
Thank you for the welcome too! I hope I can join in next year too....I seem to be hooked so far!