Friday, 6 July 2007

Home again

You can see I meant it when I said I wouldn't post everyday! Lol. Two things have conspired against me this week. One, my hubby didn't feel too well and thought a couple of days at the coast would help him so we have been to bracing Skegness (more of that maybe later). Two, my laptop has been at the doctor's having its battery sorted out as it keeps hibernating and then the main PC blew up and we thought we had lost our internet connection too but, after a quick call to my kid bro, we find we are still connected. Phew! Anyway I will have a proper catch up with posting on Sunday as DH wants to catch up with his mates over at and needs to use the laptop. Arn't I a good wife? :) Also I need to get ready for my art workshop tomorrow. Method in my madness! Meanwhile here's another of my earlier paintings - this one is in oils painted with a palette knife based on Twyford Woods near Grantham.

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