Monday, 16 July 2007

I thought I would try and shame myself into sorting out my shed/studio. This is the current state of chaos out there. I keep just looking at it and walking out again but I must get to grips with it as my painting is getting mixed up with my fibre work and I can't find a thing. The wooden drawer unit in the first photo has open shelving and is too deep to be effective. I am thinking of getting rid of it thro Freecycle and then getting some open shelving. Course then I will have the problem of where to put the planchest.

I can't wait until I have completely finished the postcards so I am putting them up now:

I think 2 of them are finished but I will probably have a bit more of a play with the one on the right. I am thinking of shaving off some of the blue nappy liner where it is ridged up and applying some inks .....or ...maybe not! I have had a look at it the other way up and it looks ok.

I've also completed one postage stamp themed ATC for the competition at Mixed Media ATCs

I need to try and complete the other one before Friday.

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