Sunday, 15 July 2007

I had a great start to the day today and cracked on with the postcard swap. I cut up the blue themed painting and managed to get the 3 postcards and 4 potential ATCs which I will keep for a future swap. I will post a pic of the postcards when I am sure they are finished. The original piece is based on an idea by Laura Reiter where you write your name in lower and uppercase and then extend some of the lines and paint as you wish. I used acrylics and watercolours, pencil and oil pastels. I applied handmade papers, nappy liner, texture pastes, angelina, sequin waste, salt - I had more ideas than I had room to place them. It took me ages to decide on which areas I would use for the postcards and by the time I had finished I was exhausted!
After lunch we went up to a local church which was holding a flower festival. For some reason I felt a bit emotional as a lot of the displays were dedicated to the memory of parents or partners and that seemed very poignant. The arrangement below was a thanksgiving and I thought I would post this (slightly fuzzy) pic for everyone. There was a large arrangement reminding everyone of little Madeleine McCann and I should have photographed that but somehow didn't.

The dedication says "Thanks for life, family and friends" - echoed by me.

My friend Gill took part in a Race for Life today in aid of cancer and completed the 5k course in 31 minutes. Way to go Gill!

(I am not sure why but blogger seems to be choosy about which photos it will enlarge when you hover over them. Perhaps somebody out there can tell me why?)

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