Friday, 22 February 2019

Easton Walled Garden

We are having the most unseasonal weather this February and today saw us visiting Easton Walled Garden for their annual Snowdrop week.  The day has been beautifully sunny and warm so much so that we barely needed coats on.  It has been wonderful watching the gardens change and grow over the years and this year the display was superb.  The air was full of birdsong and bees and butterflies flying around.  Clouds developed a little during the morning but they added to the beauty of the day.

The visit started with a blast from the past.  Anyone remember Hector's House?  I've been singing the tune ever since.

I don't think the young gardener had a clue what I was talking about!

Looking across the parkland I could see a host of escapees in a hollow.

If you look towards the top of this image you'll see the blur of a very busy Brimstone butterfly.

The skies were really beautiful today.

I loved the beautiful lichen on the branches and the sight of the snowdrops glimpsed on the floor.

This structures are waiting for sweet peas to be planted out when it warms up some more.

An extra treat was an art exhibition in the stables at Easton with paintings by Dawn Wright and by Val Littlewood.  Val's paintings were beautifully detailed studies of various species of bee and their preferred food plant.  You can read about her paintings and about bees on her blog

Easton Walled Garden snowdrop week continues till this Sunday 24 February so you still have time to visit and enjoy their lovely snowdrop bank.  They open for the season the following Sunday 3 March.  How can it be nearly March already?!


Heather said...

A treat for all the senses and what a wonderful day to enjoy it all. I remember watching Hector's House with my daughters when they were small.
The Rococo Gardens just outside Gloucester are the nearest place for me to see carpets of snowdrops and I have been there several times.
Your photos are delightful - I love the bumble bees right inside the flowers.

Erica said...

Oh, those skies! I have never seen anything like them here in New Zealand. They are sublime.