Sunday, 11 June 2017

Easton Walled Garden

We've been out to Easton Walled Garden today, a very blustery but mostly sunny day, for a bit of a photographic foray of the late Spring/early summer flowers.

 The terraces below where the house would originally have stood have been planted as wild flower meadows and the wind today made the grasses look like they were windblown water.  The ox-eye daisies were beautiful.

There were lots of allium in various stages of flowering and seed both in the borders and among the wildflowers.
These guys were having a breather from zooming around capturing flies.  (Swallows).  A red kite made several passes over the gardens but I wasn't able to capture him with the camera.

 This intrepid photographer kept getting in my way!

The gardens are about 7 miles or so south of Grantham just off the A1 and they have a great tea room.    Unfortunately they don't take passing trade at the tea room but it's well worth paying the garden entry, you'll find you'll stay longer than you intended.


Joan Eastham said...

Popped onto this from the facebook page. The roses are fantastic. I have just had a photo from Christine Espinosa of one of her fantastic roses. I have one from Janet Armitage on mine and Pauls wedding and
I was thinking of digging it up this year because it has been very weak . It is a standard and so pathetic, but this year it has a lot of very large blooms on so it has saved itself.!!n A good year for the roses!!

Erica said...

Thank you Julie - I feel quite jealous at times of the gorgeous gardens available to those who live in the UK. I just loved the roses, allium and foxgloves.

Heather said...

What a beautiful place to visit. Your photos are breathtaking.