Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Very Special Day

Back in March my dear hubby and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.  When we were thinking about it coming up Stewart suggested that we mark the occasion by renewing our wedding vows in St Ives which has a special place in our hearts.  We had found out during the Arts Festival last year that the little chapel on the island is available for hire for wedding blessings so where better to have our ceremony? 

The so-called 'island' dominates the lovely town of St Ives,

and Porthmeor beach sweeps away below it,

Fittingly, the tenth wedding anniversary is 'tin' and Cornwall is the home of tin and tin-mining and as my family roots are in tin-mining in Cornwall everything seemed to fall into place.  We were introduced to two wonderful ladies who make up Cornish Celebrants and they stepped us through the construction of the ceremony.  We were able to meet up with them the week before the ceremony at the Royal Cornwall Show where they had a stand.


Meet Nicola and Denise, two warm and supportive ladies.  They took all the potential worry out of the day and conducted the ceremony with sincerity but also joy and warmth.  We had about 20 friends and family to share the occasion and we had so much fun, along with a few lumps in the throat and a tear or two. 

A few mementoes to remember those who couldn't share the day with us.

Notice the chairs that the Council very kindly supplied for us poor pensioners to sit on; we both had poorly legs and thought we might find it uncomfortable to stand for half an hour.

I had read about hand fasting online and wanted to include this ancient symbol of binding us together as a couple and made a woven sash inspired by the beautiful colours of the sea and shore.

Stewart was dancing with joy by the end of the ceremony (to Dance the Night Away' by the Mavericks), despite having a torn muscle in his leg.

I'm not sure what he had said to Nicola but she obviously enjoyed it :-)  All too soon it was time to go back out into the glorious sunshine.

All our lovely friends and family who had either made the trip to Cornwall or live there already (lucky devils!).  Not least my lovely stepson Jamie who made a holiday for himself round our event.

Keeping with the informal tone we adjourned to the pub, The Lifeboat Inn to be exact, and I was completely overwhelmed to find that they had set up an area of the bar especially for our party.  We had asked them if they could cope with us bringing 20ish people for lunch as we knew they didn't take bookings but we were prepared to wait if they could just accommodate us.  It was just wonderful to find they had gone to so much trouble for us.

We had a lovely relaxed late lunch and everyone got on really well, considering most hadn't met before.  

The photographs here were mostly taken by a St Ives resident, Steve Lynton, who we've met through a Facebook group and who has become a very dear and warm friend.  

Thank you Steve.  I know there are many more photos to come from other friends so I'll share a few of those when they arrive.  We felt like we were being 'Papped' with all the cameras going off.  That's what happens when your friends are keen photographers :-)

Our special friends Carolyn and Margaret gave us a little tin mine made from the last of the Cornish tin to remember the day by,

Thank you Stewart for 10 busy, happy, wonderful years, for all your love and support.  You're one very special man xxx

This one's for you Mum xxx


imac said...

Wonderful Blog Post my Darling Julie. It was a most Magical day, and full of LOVE and FUN. Bless you my sweetheart. LOVE YOU xxx

Heather said...

What a magical place for a wonderful celebration. Congratulations to you both. So pleased your special occasion was such a success.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful to see your smiles together. How wonderful. love your hat and Stewarts's shirt! Xox

Timaree said...

Enjoyed hearing and seeing the timeline! What a special day. Sometimes, I enjoy things more the second time around because I was too nervous to take it all in the first time. I hope you at least enjoyed your renewal as much or more than the first vows!

Amanda said...

Awwwww so lovely. Bless you both xxx

Gina said...

What a wonderful sounding day. Much love to you both x