Wednesday, 24 December 2014

An Ending, a beginning and Christmas

Since my last post life has taken on a very hectic feel, brought on by some, to me and my friends, devastating news.  If you follow me on Facebook you will already know that the place that has been my second home for two years went into liquidation at the beginning of December.  No-one died but it felt so much like a bereavement and I think the full effects are only now being felt by me.   Stitchcraft was the most amazing place and brought so much friendship, laughter and learning that it left us all numb when we heard the news.  

After the initial shock and disbelief we all agreed that we wanted to carry on meeting up for our Wednesday Sit & Stitch sessions and some how I turned overnight into Little Miss Bossy Boots and took it on myself to find somewhere for 20+ people to meet and sew.  Well, happily we have found a very comfortable venue at the local Bowling Club (level green not tenpin) and have already had two get-togethers there.  All our thanks are due to the girls who had been there socially and recommended it.

These are not our sewing ladies but another group using the room. Sadly the bar is firmly locked!  I havn't told the group but they're trying to recruit us all for the bowls club!

So, as well as chasing a venue I've been busy with some actual sewing!  Yes, really!

I really enjoyed making this quilt/throw for my friend.  I made it in Quilt As You Go with 12" squares and found instructions for a way to do all the sashing on the machine.  It was a relief not to have to stitch it all down by hand.

Next job was Scissor cases for my bezzy mates at Sit & Stitch.  These were fun to make and I made an extra one for myself and two more for other presents. It also helped reduce my stash by the tiniest bit.  I am on a mission!

Finally I had to make another little bag to keep my new mini Gelli plate in and had a ball making it in the orange colourway.  The larger purple bag was made some time ago in a workshop and I simply reduced the squares that the bag is made from down from 12" to 10".   If you'd like to make on the tutorial is here on Fabric Mutt blog.  Did I say "new mini Gelli"?

As you can see the plate is just 3"x5" and I'm really looking forward to having a play.  I bought it from Hilary Beattie who is a powerhouse of Gelli printing.  I'm hoping the Acrylic Markers will work with the plate as they are water based.  I can't believe I havn't ripped the thing out of its wrapper and thrown paint everywhere but I've been totally exhausted over the last couple of weeks so I'm hoping to get some play in over the holiday period.

Talking of the holiday period we are having a quiet Christmas Day with my Mum and my stepson.  I have everything crossed that Mum will be able to enjoy tomorrow and not sleep through it all.  I hope that however you are spending the next few days you are spending it with people you care about and who care about you.  Have a very special Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all your friendship and comments here and on Facebook.  It's lovely to know so many caring people and to share our creative happenings.  Love to you and yours xxxx


Indigo Blue said...

I love your scissor cases, lovely shape and fabrics.
Have a happy Christmas!

Jackie said...

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, Julie.
You are a sweet blogging friend.
I send you hugs from across the ocean.

Amanda said...

So glad you found another venue. Lots of useful tables too!! Have a great Chirstmas and New Year and I hope you find some time to play with the Geli plate. Xx

Guzzisue said...

Have a great Christmas,X

Heather said...

So pleased you have found another venue for your meetings. Love your sewing projects, especially those smart little scissors cases. The acrylic markers sound good - I try to stay away from Hilary Beatties site but maybe in the new year I shall throw caution to the winds! Have a lovely day with your family.

Jackie said...

I can't imagine you being a bossy boots but it worked. Well done for getting the new venue. I can't wait to see you on the green!
Happy Christmas to you and yours.x

sweetypie said...

dear miss bossyboots, you do it so charmingly- and thankyou so much for my lovely present and lets hope for a lovely and more peaceful next year

Corrine at said...

So glad you found a place for you and your pals to play and keep the muse alive. Great projects. xox

Maggi said...

Glad you have been able to keep the group alive. Love what you have been making.