Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hockney and Saltaire

A couple of months ago DH and I took a trip up to Yorkshire (God's own county) to visit the village of Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The village was built by Sir Titus Salt for the workers in his textile mill.  Production at the factory has now ended and one of the main buildings now houses artworks by David Hockney and others and also various shopping outlets. 

Salts Mill has a long association with David Hockney through his friendship with Jonathan Silver who saved the site from dereliction.  Part of the reason for our visit to Salts Mill was to see the Hockney paintings as there is a plan for quilters living in Lincolnshire to make quilts inspired by Hockney's work.  So, what did we see in Saltaire?

I don't know a huge amount about David Hockney's work and intend to do some research but there is quite a variety of styles in the work on show.  The top piece is a folding screen and the piece below is made up of fax prints.  I supose that appeals to me because of the wave structures in it. 

This huge room would have been one of the mill workooms but now houses many of Hockney's works and many and varied artbooks.

This is part of another fax work and there are obvious connections with fabric.

These blinds which line one of the galleries were designed by Hockney too.

 Saltaire village is not a museum, it is a normal community albeit in beautiful victorian buildings.  The building above is the renovated part of the site containing the galleries, shops and restaurant.

 This is typical of the houses in the village.

 The unrenovated parts of the mill have wonderful decaying surfaces that fire the imagination.

The mill sits alongside the Leeds and Liverpool canal and there are plenty of opportunities to photograph reflections.  Just watch out for all the cyclists!

I don't yet know how my Hockney inspired quilt is going to develop but I've got a lot of inspiration here and this week I get to go back for another visit with my pals Wendy and Tina.  You know the ones!


Gina said...

Saltair is on my list of places to visit and although I'm quite familiar with Hockney's work there looks like there is plenty that would be new to me. I can sense you're going to have fun with this project.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Thanks for the visit Julie, There is alot of Hockney over here in the US and I have seen some of it, but this looks like a whole new side of him I haven't seen. Can't wait to see what you whip up in your quit studio. xox

Heather said...

A brilliant idea to transform a derelict mill into an art gallery and more. It provides the perfect space to display those enormous canvasses. I was not impressed by Hockney's work originally but am gradually becoming more appreciative of his talent.

Peneller said...

I see that you've landed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I hope you have a really good time at Saltaire and at the Quilt Show. If they still have Hockneys photo collage of the Grand Canyon in the shop, be sure to have a look. It's truly awesome! xx

Emma said...

I love the varied style of Hockney & I think a quilt inspired by him would be wonderful, which one? or a lovely mix! Wonderful buildings.

pam said...

Wow that looks a great place. Look forward to seeing your quilt develop.

Sue Wild said...

I like your photos of Salts Mill And Saltaire, it's a fantastic place. Been there a few times when I lived In Yorkshire.