Sunday, 10 August 2014

Festival Of Quilts

Despite the best efforts of mum with a suspected wrist fracture (apparently it isn't) and hubby with a painful leg (turns out to be cellulitis, we think) I did manage to get to Festival of Quilts for one day instead of the usual three that I aim for.  I like to go for several days so that I don't exhaust myself trying to see everything, meet friends and shop all in one day.  Since I had to be content with just one day this year I concentrated on seeing the exhibition stands, the art quilts and with meeting up with a few friends.  Sadly I didn't get photos of everyone I met up with, silly girl.

I didn't rush there first but I did, of course, find my art quilt on display.

 I was really pleased to see that the organisers had hung my piece on a high batten as it wouldn't have looked anything on the lower level.  I'm not sure I had made the best decision about how I had assembled it with a felt support though.  I saw several alternative hanging methods that didn't rely on a sleeve and batten and I think I will make a second blog post to remind me of some alternatives.

I stood watching the movement of my quilt for a while and I enjoyed the way the light filtered through it onto the felt behind. Maybe food for thought for a subsequent work.  I am awaiting the judges' comments with a little trepidation as this is a bit different.  However, the winning quilt for this sector was, in fact, a pojagi quilt!

This is 'Sunrise, Moonrise' by Mercè Gonzalez Desadamas from Spain and is made of hand-dyed organza.  It is made of two layers of pojagi.  

The winner of the Miniature Section is a fellow Contemporary Quilt group member Roberta Le Poidevin.

The quilt is titled 'Hundred Acres'.

I loved this beautiful vessel made by my friend, Gill Boyle, who lives locally to me.  I particularly like the chunkiness and solidity of the figures and the sumptuous colours used.  If, like me, you are curious enough to peak into the top of the jug you would find a slip of fabric preventing your view.  That gave me pause for a quiet giggle, strange girl that I am.

Catherine Percival's 'Wool Garden is inspired by sketches of patterns on German salt-glaze pottery and Swedish folk embroidery.

Christine Heath 'Four Seasons' was very appealling with its layered and slashed construction.

Another friend, Sandra Wyman's entry in the Contemporary Quilt Group Dislocation challenge.

'Sunset Over The Cuillins' by Jennifer Lewis
This quilt is by my friend Maggi Birchenough and won her a Judge's Choice award. (Sorry, the colour is more rosey in reality).  Maggi had done a course on Abstraction with Lisa Call and I have seen great developments in her work.

Jules McConnell 'Millstone'

Mike Wallace 'First Arrival', self-dyed wholecloth, printed, scraped and quilted.

Julia Gahagan 'Home Sweet Home' which is about A4 size and very sweet. 

Another friend's work, Marion Robertson 'Greek Island Seas' which I love for its colour and surface texture, not to mention the addition of ceramic buttons.  

 Jean England 'The Monster' made from recycled silk ties.

 Above and below, Sally Hutson 'Diaghilev Comes to the Party.'

 Sally also has a blog.
This beautiful 'vessel' which won a judge's choice award is 'Splash' by Linda Turner

I met up with many friends and had lunch with several of them and I hope they will forgive me for the following photos which caught one or two of them unawares.

  No names, no pack drill!

I will make another post of the exhibition pieces, these have mostly been competition pieces, but if you'd like to see more of the show this blog has a great post.  See you soon!


Jackie said...

So now I've seen what I missed...I really must make an effort next year! Your quilt looks lovely and hangs beautifully. I recognise Wendy and Linda!

Living to work - working to live said...

Golly - well done for documenting all those.

You picked out several I liked but failed to photograph. Thanks for that.

I loved it this year, I really did.

Corrine at said...

Nice quilt Julie, it looks great the way they hung it. Spy Linda vncent in one of your photos. Nice examples too bad you couldn't stay. Hope Mum and Hubby are better. xox

Mystic Quilter said...

Thanks so much for sharing the photographs. As I now live in New Zealand there is no way I would be visiting the show so it was a real treat to read your post. Your art quilt looks so good hanging that way.

Peneller said...

Even though I spent ages looking at the quilts you seem to have seen some I missed! Sensory overload no doubt! Lovely to meet up with you and I hope Mum and Stewart are on the mend soon. xxx

JP said...

I did see your quilt!! I always look at sea couloirs ones! I loved the Greek sea one too. Wasn't s sure about the winning one

Margaret Cooter said...

So interesting to see the show through someone else's eyes! Hope you had a good day, all in all, and that family are doing well...

Gina said...

Lovely to see you... And your quilt Julie. You've managed to photograph a couple I didn't spot. I was exhausted after two days.

Maggi said...

There are times when I wonder whether I was at the same show - how did I miss so much. Thanks Julie - and at least you didn't catch me with the apple in my mouth!

Emma said...

Lovely quilts here (& on your next post!), so glad to see my friend Jenny's quilt from Skye Quilters, next to the lovely Maggi's quilt. One day I'll get there ;)