Friday, 20 June 2014

Sun Printing Postscript

Thank you for all your comments on my sunprinting post yesterday.  I hope some of you do decide to have a go next time the sun shines.  I've now photographed the ones that got away and they are below.  

These pieces were concertina folded in the cat litter tray.  The dark stripes came from a dark blue that I applied quite thickly.  It didn't move a great deal.  The piece above is the front.

Above is the reverse.

This piece was also concertina folded but got less of the paint.  Above front.

A couple of my friends have made suggestions about where I might take these marks and forests have been suggested.  I think the first two pieces do suggest woodland to me and I've just remembered I did a watercolour painting once of a bluebell wood and some of the shapes are reminiscent of that so I may think along those lines.

Whatever you're doing this weekend have a good time and hoepfully enjoy some fine weather.


Heather said...

More beautiful and inspiring fabrics. Each one is a great success and you will enjoy using them.

Emma said...

What fabulous prints, I love using ferns & feathers, too. These 'forest' lines are just wonderful....carry on!

Wendy said...

I am not jealous, oh no not me.

Maggi said...

These are gorgeous Julie and they are definitely suggesting trees.

Annette Jeavons said...

Lovely pieces Julie, my first impressions though were of tribes women moving through a heat haze. Just goes to show how differently we all think, and isn't that a good thing. Have fun with your works of art.

Corrine at said...

They came out great. I kind of like flipping them vertical and writing in between...xox

Linda said...

Oooh...bluebell wood sounds good :-)
But I also like Corrine's idea.... xx

Anonymous said...

Love these sun-dyed pieces - what a fantastic range of effects you got with them!